Ukrainian Refugee Crisis at the Border

By Larry Nimmer

Here’s an eye-opening trip to Tijuana that my wife and I took, documenting the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Larry Nimmer is a Carpinteria-based producer, director, cameraman, writer and video editor. More information can be found at


Written by Larry Nimmer

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  1. Coastwatch. That’s the first thing I thought too. 1.5 we know of and probably that many run ins. Drugs galore,child and woman trafficking, not to mention known terrorist are now wandering our country.

  2. @ A-165######– Yeah, easy to “Label” and call names while we, as a country, (Democrat or Republican or…) have a SERIOUS problem with an “Open Border”… It has to do with bringing in more low wage earners, uneducated, no housing in an already nationwide housing crisis and ever-increasing social welfare at a cost we can’t absorb…
    But go ahead an name call, it’s a good deflection of facts.

  3. If the label fits. Certain commenters here continue to post nationalistic, anti immigrant, anti-foreigner sentiments. So the shoe appears to fit.
    Do you have another solution for who will fill these low wage jobs? Because Americans refuse to do it and are much lazier than the immigrants who fill those jobs. But if you’re so mad about it, urge your legislators to pass laws that criminalize hiring undocumented immigrants, although most of the owners of agricultural companies are republicans so they’re benefiting from this and of course won’t back it.

  4. A165 my family came legally with sponsors never can illegally took years to get here and like most other immigrants in those times never took government money. No such thing as open borders. We can’t go the opposite way without visas not to mention but land or work. We can not deface their flag. I was shocked on all the rules we must obey.

  5. Really? I heard from someone trustworthy that lives near the border that it was eerily deserted, and in fact Texans and Louisianans were desperately fleeing despotic regimes in their states. Guess it all depends on which fairy tale you prefer.

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