UCSB Installs Fencing to Stabilize Lagoon Berm

Update by UC Santa Barbara

The University is conducting emergency stabilization of the lagoon berm.

The beach is still open and accessible near the bathrooms.

The berm will be closed to the public while the work is being done, and we expect it to be completed by mid-May.

By an edhat reader

To the dismay of local surfers, UCSB is erecting a fence at Campus Point to keep people off the beach and out of the water.


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  1. Now THAT is absurd. I’m 100% for social distancing and businesses being closed (where social distancing makes them a risk), but closing open, outdoor areas such as a beach is asinine. NO ONE is getting covid from going to the beach, unless they are getting up close with other beach goers. I was worried this would happen with our cancel/close everything mentality. What a shame!

  2. If UCSB does not want flush down the toilet any good will they have with Goletians, they need to quickly send out a press release clearly stating what is going on. We put up with a lot of garbage from our neighbors at UCSB, but this is going too far.

  3. So much for bolstering my vitamin D.
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  4. UCSB’s update to explain the berm improvements does not explain nor forgive blocking the primary access point to one of the most used local beaches in our area. With zero notification. For crying out loud, it isn’t hard to notify the public…they were able to update edhat in about an hour.

  5. Give me a break! Do you expect a personal message every time something is being repaired? And, I doubt this is one of the “most used beaches”. Especially, since UCSB is shut down right now. They quickly updated this. Good for them. Shame on whoever submitted this to edhat without all the information.

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