UC Santa Barbara Presents: HAMLET

UCSB Dept. of Theater & Dance - Naked Shakes "Hamlet" publicity 8/6/18 UCSB Studio Theater
Photo: David Bazemore

By Sabrina K. Sangha

As a new year begins for students across the globe, UC Santa Barbara’s theatre department has opened its doors with William Shakespeare’s very own, Hamlet.

The production has sparked light towards the very talented members of the department, who have successfully delivered a riveting performance. 

Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, is one of Shakespeare’s longest plays and a tragedy that is partitioned into five acts. Shakespeare constructed the work of art in the early 1600’s and it has since become one of the most well-known plays across the globe. Known for his works in literature, poetry, and theatrical productions, Shakespeare hailed from Stratford-Upon-Avon, where his hometown still baffles millions across the world who visit his birthplace.

Photo: David Bazemore

UCSB’s Hamlet director, Irwin Appel strives to recreate a more modern, elaborate and theatrical experience of the play, using talent from across the department. Success was bound to be the result, as the show has proven to leave audiences in awe of the jaw-dropping performance.  

From behind the scenes to the stage, the crew has worked exhaustively to piece together such an artistic, moving performance. Whether it be props, music, lights, stage managing, actors or directors, the team effort helped the crew present their full potential and talent as one.      

Last week’s shows were completely full. Yet preparation for the upcoming shows have begun, and everyone is welcome to experience the heart-melting performance held at the UC Santa Barbara theatre and dance building on campus.

Photo: David Bazemore
UC Santa Barbara is an amazing campus, with some of the most dedicated students in the nation. It is definitely worth a visit for this production, as many will leave their seats touched by the outstanding performance. Moreover, those who have visited have gained an insight into the prosperous work the school has to deliver.

The Hamlet production has been performed in the last three weeks consecutively, with free entrance for visitors, families and friends in the area over the UCSB summer session. Hamlet is expected to continue being performed through the Fall quarter. 

The production of Hamlet runs through October 14 at UCSB. The show will be open to all and tickets will be available for purchase prior to each show. It is approximately two hours in length, so future audiences are encouraged to be prepared to attend and experience the tragedy. An intermission will take place.

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Written by Sabrina S

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