Two Suspected Gang Members Arrested After Pursuit in Isla Vista

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

Just after midnight this morning, January 11, 2019, a University of California, Santa Barbara Police Officer, assigned to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) station, was on routine patrol in the Isla Vista area. The UCPD officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a silver sedan for an equipment violation. The driver refused to yield and a pursuit ensued in the northern western side of Isla Vista.

During the pursuit, items were thrown out of the vehicle. Among the items that were ultimately recovered included a replica airsoft handgun, black ski mask, hammer and a blue bandana. After a short vehicle pursuit, the vehicle stopped at Fortuna Rd. at Fortuna Ln. in Isla Vista. Three males and a female exited the vehicle and fled on foot. One of the male passengers was quickly apprehended after a short foot pursuit. Sheriff’s deputies, including a Sheriff’s K9 team, along with UCPD officers, responded to the scene and set up a perimeter.

During the search for the suspect, an Isla Vista resident called 911 to report an unknown male entered their home on Fortuna Road, but left out the front door when confronted by the residents. Units continued to search the area for several minutes before a deputy sheriff on bicycle patrol spotted a male hiding underneath a parked truck in a driveway on Fortuna Road. The male, who was identified as the driver, was taken into custody without incident. After a thorough search of the area, the other male passenger and female passenger were not located and are still outstanding. IVFP is continuing the investigation and following up on leads on the identity of the two outstanding suspects.

The two suspects that were apprehended, Gilberto Solis (23) and Christian Catalan (22), are Goleta residents and suspected gang members. Solis was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for Felony Evasion, Conspiracy to commit a crime, Destruction of evidence, Possession of burglary tools, Resisting Arrest, Prowling, Driving with a suspended driver’s license, Failing to register as a gang offender and Possession of an open container of marijuana in vehicle. Solis who was also on active county felony probation was placed on a No Bail Probation Detainer.

Catalan was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail as well for Resisting Arrest, Conspiracy to commit a crime, Destruction of evidence, Possession of burglary tools, Failing to register as a gang offender and Possession of drug paraphernalia. Catalan who is on active county felony probation also had a No Bail Parole Hold placed on him.


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  1. One of the larger problems in our greater society is that progressivism is making excuses for bad behavior (the inverse of the Repubs making excuses for Trumpian behavior). I grew up in a family not lacking means, but still had many opportunities and tendencies to go down the wrong road. That I did not, and turned away from bad behavior, had more to do with who I chose for friends, and my desire to make something of myself. I do not begrudge efforts to understand social problems, but let’s stop with the self-abusing white privildge mythos, and giving excuses to those who transgress. I don’t care what culture or social strata you come from, right is right and wrong is wrong – and let me tell you these 22 year olds know that as well as anyone. Stop making excuses!

  2. What a cop out… and a bunch of crap. These punks could have done anything. The CHOSE NOT to work at school. Go to Costa Rica, Brazil or India and see poor kids who RELISH LEARNING in school and succeed. They had EVERY opportunity to do so- If they were DREAMERS, even MORE SO as education doors open even wider…

  3. I agree with Coastwatch. Read my entire comment on this kind of stuff–if it isn’t deleted–under “Suspected meth and heroin dealers”. You don’t get permission to be a criminal regardless of race, color, creed, gender or anything else. As a society we need to stop being enablers by giving permissions by accepting poor-me excuses. Start by enforcing civil manners for everybody’s kids.

  4. Lack of education is a cop out. One teacher here in Carp told us about a young girl in her class who was homeless. Parents had a truck or camper and the kid had to sleep under it but used a flashlight to do her homework and was a top student. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Years ago there was a Mexican immigrant boy (legal) here who won a scholarship to Harvard.

  5. I completely agree with COASTWATCH. I am so tired of people defending these creeps because they think “society didn’t give them a chance and they are just poor victims trying to survive.” How in the heck can anybody say the cards were stacked against them or they were never given any opportunities? They were given EVERY opportunity! Free education, lunches, training programs, bi-lingual classes, medical care, maybe even welfare and food stamps, etc., etc. – that’s not giving them anything???? If the United States isn’t offering them anything, then why do so many immigrants want to come here in the first place? No, these criminals chose their own path as so many of them do as it’s easier to steal, rob, and sell drugs than work hard for a chance to educate themselves and establish a legitimate career path. If they were illegals, I’d say deport them (but they’d just find their way back anyway) but these are citizens with unbelievably checkered pasts. Lock them up for good, but there is obviously no fear of the law(s) in their minds and probably rightly so since our justice system is far too lenient with these thugs and criminals. In any event, we will be the ones who ultimately pay to keep these gangsters viable.

  6. As much as I wish for every gang member in this town to suck start a shotgun, to act like their actions are somehow the magical work of free will or souls or something is not progressive. It’s not logical. To pretend that you have any idea what it means to be somebody else is arrogance. To pretend that your actions aren’t a reflection of where you’ve been is stupid arrogance. If you were them and they were you, nothing would be different. Until you stop denying this fact, life will remain a mystery to you. We’re all in this together.
    Not a single one of you grew up in old town. If you did, tell me your name and I’ll tell you every street you never walked on. You had the privilege of growing up in nice neighborhoods with role models and guidance and the means to pursue your passions, yet you live like these things are a given for everyone.
    SBDUDE, If you really knew him, you’d know that he was kicked out of his home by his parents in high school.
    FLICKA, your anecdote about someone struggling and succeeding is irrelevant. I’ve seen good comments before but that doesn’t somehow mean that your useless input can’t be explained away.
    BIGONE, it’s almost like there’s more to developing as a human than just surviving. None of the services you mentioned actually instill these kids with a view of the world that accurately reflects their reality. Nobody taught them that life is great. It’s a shame that you don’t realize how much you were given that they weren’t.
    Trump did 9/11.

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