Two Kayakers Rescued Off Isla Vista

By the edhat staff

Two men in one kayak were rescued from rough seas on Monday afternoon.

At 5:17 p.m., the Santa Barbara County Fire Department deployed water rescue teams off Del Playa Drive between Camino Quarto and Camino Del Sur.

The kayak carrying two college-aged men had flipped in the over-head storm surf and wind. The men were wearing wetsuits and no life jackets, said County Fire Captain Scott Safechuck.

Three rescue swimers and one rescue watercraft entered the water to retrieve the men.

One male was retrieved by a rescue swimmer at Camino Del Sur and safely returned to the beach. The second male was assisted to shore with the kayak by the shore crew at Camino Corto.

There were no injuries and both men were released on their own accord.

An ambulance and Air Suport Helicopter were cancelled. 

“We train for days like this to save a life, but finding distressed swimmers/kayakers are hard to find in the dark with storm surf.  We are thankful that no one is injured or worse,” said Safechuck.

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