Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

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By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) is reporting two deaths and 66 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

Both residents were over 70 years of age and associated with an outbreak at a congregate-care facility, and one had underlying health conditions. One resident lived in the City of Santa Barbara and unincorporated area of Mission Canyon and one lived in the South County Unincorporated area.

There have now been 97 deaths related to COVID-19 within the county.

The grand total of cases is now 8,229 with 235 currently active. Of those, 41 are hospitalized including 18 in the intensive care unit (ICU).

One previously identified case was removed. A case can be removed for being out of the county, duplicate, or non-positive lab result, etc.   

More data can be found here:

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420722 Sep 02, 2020 07:24 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

The county won’t do anything, they love their dictator and all the power they now have over the sheep. The best way to end Coronafornia is to vote the bastard out.

420722 Sep 02, 2020 08:42 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Please explain? I’d love to hear your reasoning other than just being a snowflake because I can’t stand our Governor. I’ve never had this virus or known anyone that has had it after all this time. So again, what is my contribution to slowing us down from reopening if coronavirus has NEVER entered my circle?

Peenbun Sep 03, 2020 04:53 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

In my circle we’ve had 18 positive tests and 2 deaths. Just because you don’t know anyone doesn’t mean it’s not real.

PitMix Sep 03, 2020 07:09 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Edhat must love you to let you use demeaning terms like that. It weakens your point when you use dog whistle hate speech in your posts to rile up your extremist friends.

AnActualScientist Sep 03, 2020 08:35 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

18+2 cases in your circle? Maybe they should make people like you pay for the damage caused. This is statistically significant.

yiannis93101 Sep 03, 2020 02:32 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

First of all I’m truly sorry that you lost two friends/family/people that you know.
But 18 positives and the two deaths? I’m guessing you are younger, probably go out and eat on state street a lot, have gone to bars, or worse, travel to LA as a group perhaps, and that’s how all those people got the disease. The best place now if your own home, with no one around you, still.....feeling is isolated is well......just too damn bad.

a-1599171022 Sep 03, 2020 03:10 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Yeah, PEENBUN, please reconsider your circle. If you have that many people infected and 2 deceased, I do hope you are self isolating. Please do us all a favor and stay home alone. Sorry for your loss.

letmego Sep 03, 2020 04:52 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Y'all realize that there are a LOT of positive cases in: farmworkers, police/sheriff/jails, convalescent homes, and hospitals? Saying that someone should "rethink their circle" is both heartless and stupid.

a-1599177500 Sep 03, 2020 04:58 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

LETMEGO - so what? No matter how noble and important your job is, if 18 of your associates/friends/co-workers, etc are infected and 2 have passed, it's time to stay away from that group.

citizenSB Sep 02, 2020 07:32 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

I wish they would give a statistic on how we are moving, up or down, on the Governor's 4 tiers.
We are currently at tier 4 which is more than 7 new daily cases per 100,000 people. It looks like we have 450,000 in the county so I think to move to tier 3 we need to have less than 31 new cases daily for a number of days in a row. We also need to have less than 8% positive test.

vvorker Sep 03, 2020 07:23 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

"It looks like we have 450,000 in the county...."
Need to get some new glasses methinks, with refugees from south of the border, and alternative lifestyle folks (homeless), and dangerously over educated folks (students) it is closer to 750,000 methinks!
took the census last night, they allow you to do it anonymously, so I exercised that right while it still lasts, had to remind him I can register to vote as a homeless multiply times too!!
Enjoy the madness while it lasts, what make the USA so great is what you can get away with!!

haskelslocal Sep 03, 2020 08:20 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Deference to the governor is a CYA distribution of liability. The local agency responsible for gathering results and employing people with $300k+ pay/benefit packages, excuses itself from accurate tabulation because, you know, the state. Chase your tail all day as far as they care. Come up with reasons why things happen but it's irrelevant. Because not taking local responsibility distributes liability for non actions to the state. Who's closing the beaches? Sorry, not us! It's the state. Why are the results a mess? Yeah, the state. Where did all these last minute, apparently mis-diagnosed deaths come from? You got it! The guy up there! It's his fault! This same playbook is used for everything. Wall Street does it all day long. It's a math formula designed to hedge risk. The city council does it with it's addiction to consultants to do all the work they should be doing. And here we go again.

letmego Sep 03, 2020 04:49 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Do you actually know a single person who works for the Public health department collecting this data? Have you ever worked with large amounts of data from varying sources?

a-1599155509 Sep 03, 2020 10:51 AM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

The reason we get such poor leadership and irresponsible decision making from our elected officials is because city and county employee unions have tied their hands so badly, rendering them useless once elected. Elected leaders come and go, term limits are useless. City and county employee unions are forever. That is why nothing changes. And voters have still not figured this out.

PitMix Sep 03, 2020 02:24 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

Maybe we like what it going on here? We tried a extremist repub as President and that has worked out horribly. Imagine if Andy Colab was in charge here? Same result.

a-1599178373 Sep 03, 2020 05:12 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

We need to know 4 things. How many cases, location, how many in the hospital, and how many have died. Although I am curious if any have been strictly Covid deaths without underlying conditions. And I Love how the federal prison stopped reporting numbers months ago. It magically disappeared there around 1000 cases. Their lack of appropriate response early on can account for a majority of cases here. The prison staff, officers, inmates, hospitalized inmates with guards all spread it to community members. Same goes for elder care facilities. Poor management, lack of appropriate protocol and non compliance among those exposed have been key in the spread.

ChemicalSuperFreak Sep 03, 2020 07:27 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

All of the numbers you mention (cases, location, how many in hospital, and dead) have been reported on a nearly daily basis for the past few months. Follow the supplied link at the end of the article if you're really interested. As for the prison, it has continued to update the numbers, though keep in mind that the total number of inmates in FCI Lompoc houses is 1,021 (according to their webpage) so basically all of them got it which is why the number stopped increasing at the rate if first did when the outbreak started.

a-1599198233 Sep 03, 2020 10:43 PM
Two Deaths and 66 New COVID-19 Cases

@CSF I am aware of that. My point was those are the only numbers we ( as the public) need to know. The rest ,recovered cases, daily cases, active cases etc. is just distracting. Lompoc has a minimum of 1495 prisoners. The interesting tally would be how many cases can be traced back to the prison, the sheriff, our local jail, a North County nursing home etc. None of these institutions took proper steps to protect themselves, those in their care or the public. When each inmate was sent to the hospital with two guards for
each shift, that’s an absurd situation. The public cannot visit their loved ones in the hospital but inmates can have 4 guards rotate through during their stay... A field hospital should have been set up immediately and staff should have been quarantined as well with regular testing. That is on the federal government. We had a sheriff deputy that had symptoms and self quarantined while awaiting test results, yet the deputy that was in his vehicle with him continued to work. Both had it. Both exposed countless members of the public and other staff. That is on SB County. The lack of public information in North County and lack of any kind of enforcement is on SB County.

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