Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp

Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp title=
Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp
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By the edhat staff

Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to a homeless encampment fire in Santa Maria Wednesday.

At 7:42 a.m., crews responded near the intersection of Union Valley and Hummel Drive for a reported fire. Upon arrival crews found a 50x50 foot brush fire in pampas grass and willow near a homeless encampment. 

Approximately four hours later, at 11:46 a.m., crews responded to an area adjacent to the first fire for another brush fire that reached 0.43 acres. The forward progress was quickly stopped.

Investigators are working to determine the exact cause of both fires.

A mop-up is in progress.

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chico berkeley Aug 04, 2022 09:20 AM
Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp

Fitz-WTF is that the south county has been sending the vagrants to the north county for years.
It is really apparent this year.
Don't tell north co folks that it is all in their heads because I see "new" vagrants all the time.
They go to SB for the the handouts/weather and then they(south co.) send them north to SM, Lompoc and Buellton because the housing is cheaper.
Not rocket surgery, you just have to travel the county all the time, then take 2 months off to go somewhere else and then come back and you will notice as well.

Bird Aug 04, 2022 07:11 AM
Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp

So, what’s the solution? Build more shelters … and require homeless to live in them? Who will pay for them and enforce the requirement? The present efforts are not working sufficiently. Folks are sprawled at Chase Palm Park, along the freeways, wherever there are bushes, it seems… or no bushes, near PATH in Santa Barbara, just the observations of a small area of Santa Barbara. …VIVA la Fiesta!

fitz Aug 04, 2022 06:37 AM
Two Brush Fires Near Santa Maria Homeless Camp

Very big homeless camp right off hwy 1 near the entrance to Lompoc. Seems to be growing daily in full view of public officials. Another one is growing for the 3rd time on the other side of Hwy 1 right at the 246 intersection in an elevated area. Homeless camplet growing right on the sidewalk of H st. in front of a local market. Never saw that one before. And then there is the riverbed near the H St. bridge. WTF.

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