Traffic Collision on Highway 154

Traffic collision with an injury at Highway 154 and Foothill. A woman is trapped and bleeding.


Written by Roger

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  1. 742 It was dangerous LONG before the casino was even a thought! The problem isn’t the casino, it’s the drivers… weird you blame the casino when they aren’t even open right now lol. Kind of proves the problem isn’t a place but more about the unsafe driving that happens on the road because people go too fast and don’t pay attention and there are a lot of turns. More highway patrols would help I think but you NEVER see any law enforcement when driving that road.

  2. As far as a divider, I’m not sure there’s enough room throughout the highway. And, people don’t obey the speed limit now. I’ve nearly been hit many times with unsafe and/or illegal (across single or double yellow lines) passing from the opposite direction. …..Once by a car traveling northbound… pulling a boat, coming around a curve, that had the solid yellow line. I couldn’t see it since I was behind a truck with a camper. But the truck slowed some, and pulled onto the shoulder suddenly, and wondering why he did…. I figured I should follow him. Thankfully, I did… as I then saw the car with the boat trailer swerve suddenly into his lane as he passed the car he was following to avoid the truck I had followed. The boat was too light, so it couldn’t follow the car that quickly, and literally almost jackknifed, bouncing into what had been about where I would have been. The boat was almost next to me as it bounced in ‘my’ lane. I would have at the very least… hit the boat if I hadn’t followed my instincts, and the truck onto the shoulder. I would still like to shake the truck driver’s hand, for the cue that something wasn’t right.

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