Traffic Collision at SR-192

By Tagdes

Traffic collision at SR-192 at Ladera Lane.

CHP responding, unknown if injury.


Written by tagdes

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  1. Over the years that stretch of road has been known as a “hot spot” for accidents. Good thing that they pretty much flattened out the portion of the road there where people used to try to get their vehicles airborne. One young woman lost her life “car surfing” (riding on the outside of the car on the roof/hood) there about ten years ago.

  2. It is dark and the road winds around up and over two drainages with minimal shoulder. There are deer in there. Last year a bear was hit and killed. Drive 20-35 from Ortega Ridge to intersection of Foothill and Toro Canyon and you will be fine.
    I had a friend that lived near the old hump of a bridge over Romero Creek and around dawn, guys on their motorcycles would start jumping that bridge, wake her up. Glad they fixed it

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