Time Lapse Boat Eating

By Hillary Hauser, Heal the Ocean


Much has been in the news about Heal the Ocean’s work in getting boat wreckages off the beach. This is to say we’re not in the boat cleanup business, nor do we intend to keep doing this. We are working on a program to prevent this from ever happening again 

If you own a boat and do not have the following:

1. Vessel Registration

2. Boat Insurance

3. An operational vessel

….and it hits the beach,

This is what will happen to it.

Heal the Ocean is not here to get you off the hook for being irresponsible. We are here, first and foremost, to protect our ocean, and the safety and welfare of our community. BE A RESPONSIBLE BOAT OWNER, or this will happen go you. The authorities will also come after you to pay the bill. This cleanup came with a cost of $20,000. Insurance would have been $102 per year.

All boats now anchored on a sandy bottom with improper anchors off the Santa Barbara coastline, please beware. This can happen to YOU.

Video by Harry Rabin


Written by healtheocean

Heal the Ocean focuses on wastewater infrastructure – sewers and septic systems – as well as ocean dumping practices that have contributed to ocean pollution. They are focused on Santa Barbara County, but their methods now serve as a model for other coastal communities across the country. Learn more at https://www.healtheocean.org/

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