Thriller Performance at the Courthouse and Beyond!

By Robert Bernstein

Worldwide, there were simultaneous Thriller performances at precisely 3:00PM on Saturday, our time. Our local event filled the Courthouse Sunken Gardens with hundreds of performers and spectators!

Here are all my photos and videos!

They also did a number of flash mob performances around town. This was the seventh year World Dance for Humanity hosted the experience.

If you only have time to watch one video, please scroll down to the Library video!

Performers practiced for weeks in advance to get the choreography just right. On performance day they got their faces painted to look suitably ghoulish. Then they gathered in the Courthouse Sunken Garden.

They warmed up by dancing to “Rolling on the River”


There was a brief interlude


Some children gathered for a photo for me

Then performers migrated…

…. To pose on the steps for group photos

Another interlude

Caroline was having her birthday, too!

Of course Joan Melendez was there with friends

Then the performers all lay on the lawn “dead” in preparation for the Thriller performance

And then there was the main performance

Another interlude

Then a reprise of the Thriller performance starring mostly children. They lay down “dead”

And performed


Another interlude which gave us a chance to go on the viewing tower with my co-worker Draulio and his family

Then it got really interesting! The start of a series of flash mobs. Starting at the Library

This is my favorite video!

Then over by the turtle fountain

Down State Street

Hard to tell who was a spectator and who was a performer!

Then they streamed into the Apple Store

If you missed it, there is more information here

And there will even be some more flash mob performances with a detailed schedule here!





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  1. Elderswimmer and Fitness1 – you do know he was never convicted of anything, right? That means, in the eyes of the law he was not guilty. Maybe you know something everyone else doesn’t know? I think it would be shameful if you had such information and kept it quiet! And a “drug user?” Oh please. Then I hope you don’t listen to music by ANYONE.

  2. There are plenty of recent trials where it has been an obvious miscarriage of justice. Is plying young boys with alcohol and then cuddling in the same bed with them considered ‘normal’ behavior in anybody’s world? (and yes, he did admit to at least that much…which would cause immense psychological harm just by itself, even if they could not legally prove physical harm) And yes, he WAS a drug user…that is what killed him. And not everybody listens to rock…classical and baroque nowadays. I used to love MJ’s music…now it just turns my stomach. Gary Glitter too.

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