Thriller and Freak Show Performances

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Thriller and Freak Show Performances
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By Robert Bernstein

Yes, Halloween is over, but I attended so many events I am still catching up on my photos and videos! I will report on two notable events!

First, here are all of my photos and videos of the annual Thriller tribute to Michael Jackson and his music. This event happens in cities around the world each year on the Saturday before Halloween. The Santa Barbara event is a fund raiser for World Dance for Humanity.

And here are all of my photos and videos of the La Boheme Freak Show which happened that same evening. It was a fundraiser for the Bucket Brigade. Here is my video of the main Thriller performance in all its gory... I mean glory

Before the performance the ghouls gathered on the Courthouse steps: 

They then streamed back into the Sunken Gardens to prepare for the main event

At first they were all dead

But then they came to life as zombies

Be sure to check out the rest of my photos and videos for all the creative costumes! World Dance for Humanity organizes this event each year as a fund raiser for their programs.

Here organizer Janet Reineck introduces Frank Mugambage. Frank is one of three students from Rwanda getting a full scholarship to Westmont College.

Here is more information about World Dance for Humanity and Thriller. The La Boheme Professional Dance Group created the Freak Show to raise money for the Bucket Brigade disaster recovery work in Montecito. And it was quite a Freak Show at M8RX Nightclub and Lounge! The event started with a series of sensual and skillful pole dances

One highlight for me was the versatile and talented Jatila van der Veen performing her sword dance

Then La Boheme performed a series of extraordinary group dances, each with its own costumes and unique choreography

Derrick Curtis of the BASSH dance festival was on hand as Emcee for the event

And John Palminteri was also on hand to interview the Bucket Brigade representatives

Be sure to check out the rest of my videos and photos! Don't miss the Bucket Brigade people doing YMCA, the Bride of Frankenstein and more!

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sbrobert Nov 14, 2018 11:22 AM
Thriller and Freak Show Performances

FLICKA and CRYSTALANDMAUI thank you for the kind words! It is a treat to be able to share the fun with others... and to know that it is appreciated! Thanks!

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