The ISS for Early Fall

The International Space Station photographed by Expedition 56 crew members from a Soyuz spacecraft after undocking. (Photo: NASA/Roscosmos)

The International Space Station will be making visible passes through Santa Barbara’s evening skies in the next week, weather permitting. These are just the brightest evening appearances. Its orbit may change, so to get the latest and most complete predictions, visit Heavens Above.

On Saturday, September 30, the ISS will pop up in the NNW at 8:26 PM PDT, and climb through the bowl of the Big Dipper to below Polaris, where it will vanish into our shadow at 8:28 PM.

On Sunday, the station will rise at 7:38 PM in the NNW in a lower, longer pass, going beneath the bowl of the Big Dipper, across aour mountain horizon, below thw W asterism of Cassiopeia, and into Andromeda in the ENE, where it will set at 7:42 PM.

Monday’s pass will be bright, starting at 8:26 PM in Canes Venatici in the NW, climbing through Boötes and into the Keystone asterism in Hercules, where it will fade into the Earth’s shadow to the W at 8:29 PM.

Tuesday’s pass will be the brightest of this sequence, rising in the NW st 7:37 PM by the bowl/handle junction of the Big Dipper, and climbing through the bowl of the Little Dipper and across Draco to bright Deneb in Cygnus, through the neck of Pegasus, and into Aquarius, setting in the ESE at 8:30 PM. The bright yellowish object nearby is Saturn.

On Wednesday, it will make a low pass starting near orange Arcturus in the W at 8:26 PM, cruising along the Ophiuchus/Scorpius border, and disappearing near the galactic center, off the spout of the teapot of Sagittarius in the SSW at 8:30 PM.

Thursday’s pass will be a higher, longer, brighter version of Wednesday’s, from the WNW to the SSE between 7:37 and 7:43 PM.


Written by macpuzl

Outreach Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit

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