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Sunspots Today (Chuck Cagara)

Subscriber Chuck Cagara took a photo of the sun [on Wednesday, May 8]. It revealed a large region of sunspot activity, giving rise to the possibility that ‘Solar Max’ is now fully underway.

This from a recent report on the web:  “The sun will reach the peak of its current activity cycle in 2024, one year earlier than previous estimates, according to experts at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). The revised prediction now places Solar Cycle 25’s peak of activity known as “solar maximum” between January and October 2024 according to a NOAA statement. The peak will be earlier, stronger and last longer than estimates made in 2019.”

The NASA black and white photo shows the relative sizes of Earth and Jupiter in the lower right corner, illustrating just how large sunspots can be.

Sizes of Earth and Jupiter in the lower right corner (Chuck Cagara)

Chuck Cagara

Written by Chuck Cagara

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