Tesla Megapack Batteries Delivered to Cater Water Treatment Plant

By the City of Santa Barbara

These battery systems will provide power backup to the City’s water treatment plant, while they also help manage demand on the electricity grid.

Making sure that critical facilities, like Cater, have power during outages and emergencies was a central theme of the City’s adopted Strategic Energy Plan.

Read the City’s Strategic Energy Plan Overview here.

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    • Yes. Exactly where our tax dollars need to go. Support our critical and sustainable infrastructure. Sooner or later that worst-case scenerio WILL happen and we WILL need that reserve power. Lessening demand on the power grid, not to mention the fossil fuels that partially power it, is important.

    • “Boy that looks expensive”
      That’s a relative term. Can you put a dollar figure to it? What would you suggest as an appropriate cost to serve the needed function? Perhaps this cost exactly that amount. Perhaps it was even relatively cheap.
      “who paid for that?”
      Um, the City of Santa Barbara, of course.
      “is this private ?”
      You’re asking whether the City of Santa Barbara’s William B. Cater water treatment plant is private? Um, no, of course not.
      “or they spend like it’s private”
      I thought folks like you are always saying that private industry is cheaper? What is this even supposed to mean?
      “did they have an outside consulting firm make sure it will work ?”
      Would you prefer it if no one makes sure it will works, or maybe leave it up to Randy Rowse and his well known expertise in the field of batteries and water treatment facilities?
      “probably cost more than the batteries”
      Where “probably” means “I haven’t a clue and am just making stuff up in line with my screwy nonsensical anti-government ideology”. Shouldn’t you at least find out whether there even was an outside consulting firm before baselessly claiming that it cost even more than the “looks expensive” batteries?
      (Someone else just making stuff up could have said “The batteries probably cost less than the consulting firm–looks cheap!”)

    • Why the down vote without explanation??
      If the City would publish the initial cost and ongoing maintenance estimates it could help everyday residents make the decision to battery backup their homes!!
      I have had solar for 15 years and drive a Hybrid so explain your contribution down voter.

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