Tesla Found Submerged in Ocean Off Carpinteria

By the edhat staff

A Tesla was found submerged in the ocean off the coast of Carpinteria.

John Palminteri reports the electric vehicle was discovered around 8:00 a.m. Monday. Firefighters searched the vehicle and surrounding area but no one was found.

The owner has been contacted by authorities to remove their vehicle but it’s still unclear why they drove onto the sand before the tide came in.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. 

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  1. HA Ha ha!! What a fool the owner is. Can you imagine wasting money/a car like that?! I assume she’ll be charged for retrieval as a boat owner is.
    I say “she” because I read this on noozhawk:
    “Deputies then checked with the registered owner to make sure the electric vehicle had not been stolen. It was not, she said. “The owner drove onto the sand, and then the tide came in,” Zick said. “The situation went from bad to worse.” It’s unclear why the vehicle’s owner, who was not identified, decided to drive onto the shoreline, which is not legal. “We advised the owner, you need to get your car out of the ocean,” Zick said.”
    But condolences if mental illness led her to destroy this car.

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