Taliban Seizes Santa Barbara Run Afghan Dental Relief Project

By the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project (ADRP)

The Taliban Government has closed the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project in Kabul and seized the land given to the project by the former Afghan Government. The dental project has provided free dental care for over 200,000 poor Afghans during its twenty years of operation.

President and founder of the project, Santa Barbara-based dentist Dr. James Rolfe, originally went to Afghanistan in 2003 and found residents who were dying because they could not access dental care. He returned to Santa Barbara and constructed a modern three-chair dental clinic in a 40-foot shipping container, completely self-contained with its own generator, and sent it to Afghanistan.

He hired an Afghan dentist and nurse and trained them to use it, and started a school to train dental technicians from poor young Kabul residents. Dr. Rolfe continued to build more dental clinics from shipping containers during the following years, going there many times during the last twenty years.

Taliban officials have forcibly closed the clinic a month ago, preventing its four dentists and technical staff members from treating the hundreds of poor Kabul residents from accessing it. Closure of the Kabul Stomatology Hospital, which employed twenty-five dentists and treated nearly a thousand patients a day, has forced thousands of poor Kabul residents to access the free services of the dental project, but now this option is no longer available.

The Taliban are forcing the project off the land, violating its contract to use the land for free, and demanding that the project relocate elsewhere. No other land or support has been offered to help with the relocation, which is estimated to take six months and cost over $10,000. In addition, the project must find a way to support the staff during the relocation period.

When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, repressive actions were taken to remove basic human rights for Afghan citizens. This caused philanthropic nations and organizations to withdraw financial support for Afghanistan, and resulted in three-fourths of the Afghan fiscal budged disappearing. As a result, many hospitals and other basic services of the government have ceased to be available to the Afghan people. Now, even though the dental project still tries to serve the people, that has been made impossible. The project is faced now with finding new land which it must rent, in addition to moving expenses and costs of supporting its staff during the transition.

Afghans face ninety percent food insecurity. Most are unemployed. Now the poor will have no access to free them from the pain of dental problems. The dental project can only continue if people come forward to support the relocation of the facility. Please help. To become a monthly supporter or to donate, go to the website https://www.adrpinc.org/ and select “DONATE”, Or contact Dr. Rolfe at his Santa Barbara office, adrp@verizon.net or 805-963-2329.


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    • ConservativeSB, we created the Taliban under Reagan, so if you want to ask a President to fix it, that guy is dead.
      Maybe move on to living in the real world.
      Beyond that, Dr. Rolfe is a genuine hero. So also maybe shut up and figure out how to help. But your kind never actually help, do you, you…just…complain.
      And before you ask–yeah, I have donated to Dr. Rolfe’s efforts over there in years past.

    • Sac: as usual you’re showing you don’t get it!
      Causation is CLEAR in my comparison between the “wonderful” Biden time and the “Horrible” Trump time.
      And I could have added: 1.4 % inflation vs. 8 % with Joe; Fentanyl invasion and crimes way up since Joe, 3 millions “undocumented” PER YEAR since Biden!
      As for “free pass”: It is BIDEN who gave the Talibans and Poutin a free pass!
      July 8 2012 : “I don’t expect the Talibans to take Afghanistan over” (Your hero Joe Biden). August 15 2021 it’s all over!
      Putin was the same evil 4 years ago as he is now! So WHY didn’t he invade Ukraine back then? Because he knew Trump would not let it happen and when he saw what Biden called: “The EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL” withdrawal from Afghan. , Putin told himself: O.K. now I can go and that is exactly what he did!

    • FOND – if you truly think Biden “caused” the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, I can’t help you. Your world view is distorted and uninformed. I’m not going to teach you the history of the region. You’re wrong, not only about your belief that you understand the difference between the 2 words, but also in your overall understanding of world history. That’s all.

    • Alex 9:14 :
      There were already only 2500 troops left in Afghan under Trump. And the Talibans were NOT in control. You can look at the “advance” of the Talibans over time: they were nowhere when Trump left and started moving as soon as Biden announced that all would by gone by Aug 31!
      Educate yourself before posting nonsense!
      The US troops were in the totally secure Bagram base which Biden ABANDONNED to the Talibans .
      Those troops left there, with 87 billions of state of the art weaponry (which Biden ABANDONNED to the Talibans) were more than enough to keep the talibans at bay, as they were and had been under the Trump administration;
      Is it up to the Afghans to organise their country? OF COURSE, but with the Taliban takeover: it’ll never happen!
      Ask the Afghan women and young girls what their miserable status is now!
      Strangely enough, NOBODY seems concerned about this now which is a DISGRACE for this country and its administration!
      Proud for Biden to have allowed that, right ?
      And the withdrawal was not “handled poorly”: it was an utter catastrophe.
      It was denounced as such by the whole U.K. parliament, the closest and staunchest allies of the US.
      Read the international press at the time: all western countries were appalled by what Biden did there!
      Biden took the military out FIRST and left the civilians and Afghan US helpers to their sorry (and often massacred state). Only an idi*t would do that! What did he “think” was going to happen after he left Afghan. to be taken over by those Middle-Ages terrorists?

    • Fond, there were about 2500 US troops left in all of Afghanistan when Biden was inaugurated. The Taliban was already in control. They had in fact “taken over”, i.e., re-taken, Afghanistan already.
      The problems are so much more complex than who was in power in the US on any given day.
      Was the withdrawal handled poorly? Yeah, I’d say so. Was there any way in this actual universe for the US to construct a stable Afghanistan at any point?
      No, of course not. It’s really up to the Afghanis, it’s always up to the the people who live there, not some foreign nation trying to project political power in to cultures and nations that don’t want to change.
      Try and wear your thinking cap just a little longer before you speak.

    • Blaming Biden for the current state of Afghanistan must be the most simple-minded idiocy I’ve ever heard from a con. I mean imagine for a moment how complex and troubled Afghan history has been. Billions and billions spent by 4 presidents, 2 from each party. Decades of ethnic and tribal conflict and resentment. Soviet invasion and occupation for a decade (79-89) followed by civil war and rule by Islamic theocracy. Then you blame it on someone who’s been president for 2 years? Downright silly.

    • @ 6157 : Biden destroyed and changed everything that Trump had done or set-up.
      He WAS the “buck stops here” and should and could changed anything he wanted or so chose to.
      He was simply to idiotic to realize that pulling the military FIRST was the most moronic thing he could do there.
      Just read the opinion the WHOLE U.K. parliament enunciated on his “extremely successful” debacle !

    • Sacjon: As usual you simply do NOT understand what you read!
      Try to find one of your woke friend who understands more and can explain it to you.
      Where do I say that Biden “CAUSED” the Taliban to take Afgan. over ????? Go find it !
      Biden “ALLOWED” by his ineffectiveness, lack of vision, lack of intelligence the Talibans to take Afghanistan over. And this is undeniable!
      Remember what Robert Gates , from the Obama/Biden administration said about him:
      “Biden has been on the WRONG SIDE” of EVERY geo-politic situation!
      Keep admiring him!

    • “Where do I say that Biden “CAUSED” the Taliban to take Afgan. over ?????” – FOND, oh Fondy Fonda Fond…. you really are something.
      “Causation is CLEAR in my comparison between the “wonderful” Biden time and the “Horrible” Trump time” and “As for “free pass”: It is BIDEN who gave the Talibans and Poutin a free pass!” – FONDOFSB 2 2 FEB 08, 2023 02:23 PM

    • our president has nothing to do with this, so drop it. some of you are so narrow minded that it’s mind numbing to the rest of us. it’s the same as saying he controls gas prices. just dumb…maybe if you understood how things worked in the real world vs your two dimensional internet world. Afghanistan was a target going back several presidencies. Clinton launched a missile strike. Bush SR launched one. Bush JR launched a war there. Obama pulled some out, Trump pulled more out and during the rough and destructive changing of presidents, leaving Biden with what others created. He didn’t pull the trigger, he stepped into a mess that was already existing and if you care to challenge me on this, show facts. I know the facts as I’ve lived it.
      All of that is irrelevant as the Taliban will always rule Afghanistan, that’s also fact. That’s their land, their laws, their ways and not for us to intervene. We have our own problems and other countries that actually want our help. Ukraine.

  1. The project was started in 2003 to help develop the technical infrastructure and economy but no support was given by the U.S. Government. Portable clinics, generators, buses for outreach were all either destroyed in burn pits or abandoned. USAID refused to participate. The project grew because individuals around the world saw the crisis and volunteered to help. The need there is even more critical now, due to the extremely poor population and lack of government services. People have no options and must suffer unless the clinics can reopen on new land.

  2. No religion should be in charge of government. They invariably go after their competitors. The Buddhists in SE Asia are attacking Muslims. Jews and Muslims are always at it in Palestine. Hindu’s are destroying alternate religious sites in India. Christians have a long history of violent “crusades” against other religions and even in Christianity the differing sects have spent decades trying to kill the others. Same with Sunni and Shia. The Founding Fathers understood this. Yet today we are facing a demand from some that we create a Christian White Nation. People, please walk away from any claim of “truth” and “eternal knowledge.” Remember that the Zoroastrians felt they had the final enlightenment and what happened to them.

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