Take Charge Ladies, Cartoon

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  1. Thanks for the blue state coastal take even though CA is a 24 week cut off state and the ruling will not change CA at all.
    Nationwide, abortion on demand after 20 weeks trends unpopular and gets less popular with each additional week which is why the vast majority of states blue and red, are either 20 or 24 weeks with some others using viability which is generally 24-28 weeks.
    Few of those states are going to change laws.
    There are 8 states plus DC that allow abortion at any point without restriction.
    This won’t change.
    The states that will change are likely Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, maybe Louisiana and the voters in those states will have a say

  2. One thing I always have to remind the people who I work with is to stop living in fear, especially in fear of things that don’t really matter. That is an extremely difficult thing to do for some because expressing their fear to anyone/everyone has become their persona. Giving up that fear actually is what drives their fear. Go figure. Lots of different people on this planet, and while we don’t have to agree, with must accept our differences. Like the problem drinker who does not want to give up drinking because they won’t be able to go to bars any longer or stop by to visit their co-dependent’s house with a bottle to share. Ugly cycle…..but, it can be broken. Stop living in fear, and start living. We will all be much happier.

  3. How so? Banning books, controlling women’s bodies, legislating morality, fighting science, protecting ignorance, perpetuating violence in the name of Christianity – I’m probably leaving a few things out but will think of them later I’m sure.

  4. Again, you are bias is extreme as you seem to be unable to see how the DNC does EXCATLY what your stating the GOP does. Banning books – check. Controlling everyone’s bodies – check. Perpetuating violence in the name [progressivism / wokeism] – check. Limiting free speech – check. Perpetuating a classists society so the lower class remains reliant on those with in power (aka the government) for assistance and handouts – check.

  5. @12:20p I am not a progressive/liberal/Democrat. I’m actually a Libertarian – the kind of Libertarian from the 60’s. Regardless, I do hate Fascism though – and will point that out at every oppurtunity (like now). But again – nice guess and still not sure why you are cycling behind your screen name and anonymous – and now following me on multiple threads. But you do you.

  6. I love the GOP’s strategy, they should keep going. They picked a washed-up gameshow as their standard bearer despite him losing the popular vote twice, even though he “won” the first time after losing by almost 3 million to the most unlikeable person the Dems could pick. Now they want to do dingbat things like ban condoms and abortion. I’m sure it will work out “bigly” for them in the long run lmao.

  7. The GOP is the only political party currently advocating for girls and women to carry children from rape and incest – as well as carrying unviable pregnancies which are medically dangerous to the mother. So there’s that.

  8. Please folks, back off this hysteria against men as though it is only men who are negatively involved in the fight over abortion rights. Who knows, the male bed partner in this ‘cartoon’ could be completely supportive of right to choose and who knows, the women bed partner could want to engage in sexual activity. But apparently they will not do this is some sort of sexual embargo against people who can’t change the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision at all. Men and women in favor of sexual privacy are together in the fight, let’s not stigmatize (especially by assuming that the male is more likely to ‘suffer’ from a lack of intercourse).

  9. Ha ok. Sure there some men who support women. But it’s MOSTLY men who are pushing this legislation forward and who have the voting power to do so.
    So… congrats to you on being a man supporting women’s rights, but also best to be aware of the privilege you have and shouting “not all men!” isn’t helpful to us at all.

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