Suspicious Carpet Cleaners

By PamSB

On Saturday night around 6:15 PM (after dark) a middle-aged man and woman knocked on my 85-year-old widowed neighbor’s door and said they were carpet cleaners who have cleaned quite a few homes in our neighborhood. 

They said they were offering free sample cleaning and would like to show her what they could do (right then, after dark on a Saturday night).  She refused to let them in, asked them to leave a card or a brochure (which they said they didn’t have) and they went away. 

We are right next door (connected townhome) and they didn’t knock on our door at all.  We do have the Ring doorbell and security cameras around our unit with alarm and security camera signs posted, so that could have deterred them from even trying our unit. 

I just wondered if anyone else has had a visit from these people or have any insight? This happened on Modoc near La Cumbre Jr. High and Pilgrim Terrace.


Written by PamSB

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