Summer Solstice Celebration Invites 2021 Theme Ideas

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The Summer Solstice Celebration, board of directors, staff and artists are starting to cook up festivities and programming for the annual Summer Solstice Celebration!  We were there for you last year, drumming and dancing up a virtual parade and festival and we will surely be there for our community again this year for our 47th annual celebration. Times are uniquely challenging right now, and that’s why we need a little Summer Solstice dose of happiness and artistic community fun.  Of course we will have to be extra creative this year again to navigate 2021 festivities safely, but we have the power of art and community, so we’ve got this!  It’s time to put on your creative thinking caps and send us your theme ideas, so we can whip up some Solstice magic!

Submit your theme ideas in any of the following ways by January 29:

  1. Via our facebook page ,
  2. Via our instagram page,
  3. or via email to [email protected]


The theme will be announced in February and begin recruiting designs for posters and t-shirts soon after!

Stay in touch and learn more at

Want to revisit last year’s Summer Solstice Celebration virtual parade or artist interviews?

Visit the Summer Solstice Celebration YouTube channel at the link below to re-experience the joy!

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ZeroHawk Jan 22, 2021 02:23 PM
Summer Solstice Celebration Invites 2021 Theme Ideas

wow someone DV that simple comment? someone is clearly a serious grump and doesn't like colors, the celebration of summer and the longest day of the year, happy smiling faces, art, dance and music, tasty food and hours and hours of free entertainment. Ok. Understood! You can stay home. That's ok too!

RHS Jan 22, 2021 06:37 PM
Summer Solstice Celebration Invites 2021 Theme Ideas

The hedonistic model of "solstice" is not appropriate in these times. Why can't people just accept that we need to sacrifice a few things (especially such frivolity as a summer's parade) to make our society a better place to advance from. If you need to give vent to your primal urges please do so in the privacy of your own home and only with people you are very well associated with. The rest of us will be much obliged for your kindness.

Ahchooo Jan 22, 2021 08:09 PM
Summer Solstice Celebration Invites 2021 Theme Ideas

They cancelled the parade last year and will surely not hold it in the traditional way this year unless a miracle occurs to banish the virus, or a genius finds a way to hold a parade where no one breathes near anyone else. Frivolity is much needed as a respite from our difficulties. They are looking for ideas on how to achieve “happiness and artistic community fun.” I strongly support happiness.

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