Stucture Fire at Grimmway Farms

Stucture Fire at Grimmway Farms title=
Stucture Fire at Grimmway Farms
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At 1:20 pm Wednesday, Santa Barbara County Fire responded to a structure fire at Grimmway Farms, located at 1820 Hwy 166 in the Cuyama Valley. Crews arrived on scene with three engines to find a mobile home fully engulfed in flames.

No one was trapped inside, and the fire had not been able to spread to nearby vegetation. However, the radiant heat from the mobile home had set aflame a large 500 gallon propane tank sitting nearby.

Firefighters worked quickly to cool the tank with water, thereby diminishing the threat of an explosion. Additionally, the fire had caused a tree to collapse, which slumped over several electric wires on the ground. This posed an electrocution threat due to the amount of water used to dispel the fire, but firefighters were able to successfully stop the flow of water and re-secure the power lines.

One minor injury was sustained. An investigator is en route to determine the cause of the fire.


(Photo: Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

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