State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest title=
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest
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By the Santa Barbara Police Department

On April 29, 2022, Santa Barbara Police Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of State Street for a report of a found body. The deceased 30-year-old male was discovered with narcotics and drug paraphernalia in his possession. The cause of death was determined to be acute fentanyl intoxication.

Over the course of several months, Santa Barbara Police Detectives and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney Investigators investigated this death. Detectives learned during their investigation Dillon James Joseph Johnson, a 34-year-old Santa Barbara resident was identified as the suspect that had distributed the decedent the fentanyl that caused his death.

A Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge authorized a search warrant associated with this case. It is believed that Johnson directly supplied the deadly drug to the decedent that caused his death.

After months of investigation, On September 1, 2022, Santa Barbara Police Detectives served the warrant and arrested Johnson in the 7100 block of Hollister Avenue, Goleta. A search after his arrest revealed quantities of fentanyl and other narcotics that constitute possession with the intent to distribute.

Johnson was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for murder, and numerous felony narcotic violations. His bail was set at $1,000,000. The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against Johnson and his arraignment is scheduled for today in Department 8 of the Santa Barbara Superior Court.

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Transparent Sep 07, 2022 01:50 PM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

What happened under Reagan is (if you're willing to be serious about details) a wonderful entree into how complicated this issue was and is. The well-intentioned, government designed and managed institutions were a nightmare. {Kinda like prisons are now.} Please remember that 'asylum' was once a very PC word, and those 'hospitals' were considered very progressive... until they weren't.

Likewise, letting seriously mentally ill folks loose on the streets, cause laissez-faire you know, was also complete nightmare. {Kinda like it is/would be now.}

It's almost like these issues defy the narrow left/right talking points, which always seems to culminate in blaming the other side for the existence of fundamentally hard problems.wouldn't exist except for those gosh-darned {insert other political party label here}.

chico berkeley Sep 07, 2022 05:30 PM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

Jimmy Carter started the emptying out of our psychiatric institutions.
Reagan had just become Pres.,I was working at Camarillo state hospital right after Reagan was elected and we were told to finish up the contract we had because they were going to close it and put those people in "halfway houses" with funding for 5 yrs. or something like that.
Look what a shit idea that was.
Now the property is UCCI where we used to house those folks.
Of course the population has tripled since then.

Mebk Sep 07, 2022 07:54 PM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

SACJON And any one else. This is just one site google it and open your minds to what is going on. I have friends working in the border patrol you would be shocked at what is going on.

sacjon Sep 08, 2022 08:23 AM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

MEBK - yes, very aware of the problem with fentanyl coming across the border. Definitely needs to be stopped! I think you might have the wrong impression of me due to VOICE's outright lies based on preschool level logic and my objection to DOULIE and COASTWATCH saying Biden has "refused to address" the crisis, which is a lie.

a-1662653095 Sep 08, 2022 09:04 AM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

Ever heard of 'Scared Straight'??? How about SCARED DEAD!!! How about getting kids some actual education about drugs and their bodies?? They need to be told that just Because JOHNNY had a great trip on whatever he was getting high on DOES NOT MEAN that drug will have the same effect on YOU. Its CHEMISTRY bitches!! Inform your kids, preferably in a school - biology setting that won't get parents in an uproar about teaching kids about drugs. Invite OD survivors who have had friends who have died. Let THEM tell the story!!

sacjon Sep 08, 2022 09:58 AM
State Street Overdose Death Leads to Arrest

9:04 - That's a great idea actually! Thing is, most teens won't listen to their teachers or school. It's up to the parents to really nail this. Given my experiences in my youth, I have plenty of knowledge about most substances and was able to truly inform my kids about them. We're not going to be able to stop kids from trying drugs, its human nature, but we CAN help them understand the realities of drug use. BUT.... we have to be honest. Smoke a joint won't turn you into an addict. A hit of LSD won't make you fly out of a window or make you think you turned into a "glass of orange juice." A night of cocaine will hurt and will always be miserable in the end. Stay the F away from heroin, meth, pills and other opiates! Etc etc..... Scary thing now is though, you never know what's in your pill or powder. It's a Russian Roulette every time these days it seems. Stick with natural substances if you want to get high and be safe.


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