Solstice Dining Out Fun at Pascucci

Solstice Dining Out Fun at Pascucci title=
Solstice Dining Out Fun at Pascucci
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by Robert Bernstein

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice is getting warmed up for the season! They have workshop space opening soon and they are doing fun events to raise money for Solstice!

Starting with a fun Dining Out event at Pascucci this past Wednesday evening! Volunteer waiters in costume served a steady stream of happy customers... and the proceeds all were donated by Pascucci for Solstice!

Here are my photos!

La Boheme Professional Dance Group turned out many dancers as volunteer servers

Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo posed with servers and guests alike

Previous Mayor Helene Schneider was also participating

Solstice Executive Director Robin Elander posed with Workshop Director Riccardo Morrison

Penny Little (with the pink boa) is the Assistant Executive Director

Jim Sun Bear was a big hit with his elaborate costume and makeup! Here he posed with Christine (L) and Elvi (R)

But he certainly had some competition for costume and makeup! Mary Price has been artist in residence in the past and will be helping create for the parade again this year.

Mask maker Hathor posed wearing one of her creations along with Elvi

Phyllis works in the Solstice costume shop and has kindly and patiently taught me sewing skills so I can help there. She was dining out for the occasion with her companion. They mostly live in Los Angeles, but Phyllis always comes up to help out and participate in the parade.

Pali has created the Solstice Grand Finale inflatable ensemble for many years. Complete with aerial artists inside the inflatables! Here he posed with his companion Raven and my wife and me. Raven and Pali were also volunteering at this event.

Claudia Bratton is retired as Executive Director but she was on hand for the occasion in costume

Claire Frandsen created the memorably amazing Heroes on Dinosaurs ensemble last year. I eagerly await whatever hilarious and delightful wonder she has for us this year!

The Solstice Workshop will be open in another week or two at 631 Garden Street!  (Corner of Garden & Ortega)

Workshop Hours will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3 to 8PM, Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 6PM when it opens.

Come by and get inspired! Maybe join an ensemble and help build things! You don't have to be a creative genius. It is all about having fun and learning!

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a-1557874835 May 14, 2019 04:00 PM
Solstice Dining Out Fun at Pascucci

I don't seem to have a creative bone in my body. I love all these costumes and wonder how they think of these things? Anyway, thanks for that. And, thanks for the photos, Mr. Robert Bernstein. You are a treasure.

sbrobert May 15, 2019 10:22 PM
Solstice Dining Out Fun at Pascucci

Thank you for the very kind words. I hope you can come by the Solstice Workshop and meet some of the artists. You don't have to be creative or artistic to be part of the process. The artists can show you what to do! The workshop is now open every afternoon and evening!
Best wishes,

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