SoCal Gas Rates Decline Starting Feb 1st

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Socal Gas has published their monthly tariff book for February 2023.  The residential rate (GR) has declined to $2.01 per therm from $4.35 per therm in January.  These rates reflect the combined per therm baseline charge for both procurement and transmission of gas.   We are not quite through this peak in gas prices just yet. While the new tariff becomes effective February 1st, depending on your billing cycle date, your next bill may reflected a combination of both the January and February tariffs.

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  1. Pricing of gas delivery to home tags to the natural gas futures market because SC gas and its parent Sempra buy gas well in advance of the demand. March nat gas futures are down – 1.87% after August 2022 nat gas hitting a 14 year record high. Why so high? Low production and high demand. Why high demand in August when no one in CA heats their homes much if at all? Natural gas electricity runs the nations air conditioners

  2. SCE gives out higher bills in the summer time.
    Even as the sun gets hotter to power wind farms and solar panels?
    Seems that So Cal Gas is finally catching on?
    Or they have to pay for half finished pipe lines that got cancelled?
    Or Europe not getting Russian gas now? And MBAs are doing their job.
    Time to lower the gas water heater setting when go out of town.
    And lower the room thermostats at night.
    Or put on sweaters and clothes. Burn some logs in the fireplace.
    And need to get goverments to end excess taxes and deficit spending. or
    then households would have more money to pay these bills.

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