Snowy Egret Convention at Coal Oil Point

By Robert Bernstein

Snowy Egrets seem to be holding a convention at Devereux Slough at  Coil Oil Point past Isla Vista!

Here are some of my recent photos there!

I did not grow up around such magnificent birds. To see just one is an endless treat for me.

But in recent weeks these beautiful birds have gathered in significant numbers in one set of trees

The birds are gathered, but they do fly around

Devereux Slough is a bird refuge that is beautiful and is home to many bird species

It also offers wonderful vistas

I am not sure how much longer this gathering will last. The area is best accessed from Isla Vista or from Storke Road by foot or bicycle. But motorists are allowed in specifically for bird watching and for
creating art. Parking is very limited for that purpose.

I practice my music at the bluffs near Isla Vista. So it is a regular joy for me to pass this area.


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  1. Yes I’m aware it’s part of the Reserve, as I go there all the time, but Coal Oil Point is over a quarter of a mile from where these photos are taken and you can not drive to the point as you said below. As I said if you park here by the kiosk or the other ( first ) viewing spot a quarter of a mile back north on Slough Rd. you must stay near your vehicle.

  2. It is not. Look at any map. This is like saying anywhere around UCSB is Campus Point…get it. This would confuse anyone if they thought they needed to get to Coal Oil Point to see the birds and tried to park here. If they want to go there they would have to park in IV and walk along the bluffs. Nothing nit picky about it. Just correcting a post that could get some birder from else where towed.

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