Sheriff’s Programs Unit Celebrates Inaugural Graduates of Solar Installation Training Program

Santa Barbara Sheriff (Edhat)

The Sheriff’s Office Programs Unit is proud to announce the first graduates from the Northern Branch Jail Solar Installation Training Program. [On March 15], four inmates celebrated the completion of a 60-hour introduction to solar course. This training program began on February 16, 2024, and is offered through GRID Alternatives Central Valley.

GRID Alternatives solar training provides hands on learning for those who typically do not excel in traditional methods of schooling, with the model of Tell, Show, and Do. Instructors introduce the theory and provide context to help trainees understand where the instruction fits in the larger picture. The instructors then demonstrate the techniques to the trainees explaining the process and provide direction for the tasks, allowing students to ask questions and make connections with theory. Finally, instructors allow the trainees to do the tasks, repetitively, to gain understanding of the skills required for entry-level solar installation.

The overall training objective is for participants to gain skills required for entry level positions in the solar industry. Participants learn construction and electrical basics, interpret, and comprehend the National Electrical Code (NEC), comprehend North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) concepts, and demonstrate proper industry related OSHA safety training. Each participant was presented with quizzes covering Job Site Safety, Fall Protection, and Electrical Safety. They were evaluated through observation of installation technique and ability to display competences aligned with the Installation Basics Training syllabus. Participants will also be able to meet with potential industry employers at their graduation ceremony where they will have a skills demonstration as part of their final ‘exam’ and a celebration afterwards.

This vocational program directly aligns with the County’s Realignment goals by providing a proven job training program in Solar Installation providing hands-on training in photovoltaic installation enabling successful transition into the solar industry.  Successful reentry is contingent on skills attainment and viable employment opportunities, which will be provided as a result of the GRID Alternatives Solar Training program at the North Branch Jail.


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