Sheriff’s Office Addresses Story of Newly Found 1/9 Debris Flow Remains

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

Today the Sheriff’s Office received the KEYT news story that indicated that the remains of Jack Cantin, a 17-year-old who has been missing and presumed dead since the devastating 1/9 Debris Flow in 2018, had been found.

Later today the Sheriff / Coroner’s Office received, and is in the process of reviewing, a one-page “Fast Fact Forensic Report” prepared by a UCSB anthropologist, Dr. Danielle Kurin, that was referenced in today’s news story. In the “Fast Fact” report she opined that the remains “are consistent with those of Jack Cantin,” and that she is “over 90% certain that these remains are those of Jack Cantin.”

Sheriff / Coroner investigators are seeking the full report from Dr. Kurin. Once obtained, it will be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. In the meantime, the case of Jack Cantin’s disappearance remains open. We will continue to work closely with the Cantin family on this case, as we have since the day he disappeared.


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  1. I urge you to read other local stories that don’t stress the Sheriff’s Department’s point of view.
    This is not a criticism of Edhat.
    This news hit me even harder than I expected.
    My condolences and best wishes to the loved ones and friend of Mr. Jack Cantin, and to our community.

  2. Strange to me that this is a news story before the Sheriff/Coroner has completed the investigation. Why a ‘Fast Fact’ report rather than the whole thing? Out of respect for the family it seems the information should have been kept confidential until the final Coroner’s determination. Who leaked it, and why?

  3. 10964 – Per KEYT, “Jack’s mother, Kim Cantin, shared the news with NewsChannel 3-12.” Per Cantin, “the discovery happened around Memorial Day.” What was located that are being reported as “remains?” If what has been reported is accurate, I suspect Cantin and the anthropologist Danielle Currin could have legal liability if they did not immediately report their find to the sheriff. I’m confident law enforcement personnel could have rendered a 100% opinion regarding ID of the remains after their examination. An unusual incident. My condolences to the family & friends.

  4. As far as I can tell, they recovered the body on private land.
    They have been looking for their son and brother consistently since the mudslide using cadaver dogs and excavation equipment. I am guessing from what they found, near the body, they had a pretty good idea it was Jack.
    Probably illegal but the DA should issue a statement saying that is not how we do it and then close it up.

  5. Human remains need to be reported to Sheriff-Coroner. Even a UCSb Anthropologist should know that. The chain of evidence, DNA testing, exclusion of foul play- all are matters under jurisdiction of Coroner- not a UCSB professor. Shameful.

  6. Andrea, the reason for my anger is pretty obvious, I explained it. I’ll do so again, a poster implied that the mother of the victim was involved in criminal activity in trying to locate her son’s remains.
    None. Of. His. Business.

  7. 1942 – I understand there are people that may not agree with the comment written by 9885. I don’t agree it was “in very poor taste.” This was a news article, not a memorial or an obituary. More importantly, it has not been confirmed by law enforcement whatever remains were discovered are those of the missing family member. If information in the article is accurate, I’d say there are at least a couple points that one might say are “in very poor taste,” if not illegal.

  8. It seems like the family hired this anthropologist separately from the sheriff’s office? So now the Sheriff coroner has to triple verify before announcing it and looks like the family jumped the gun. That’s what I took away from it. Btw, just click the KEYT link in the article above.

  9. DOULIE – if you’re so concerned, contact the family or the police. These “keyboard PI” comments on articles about tragic loss are getting old here. Not everything needs to be “investigated” by the public.

  10. SACJON – I’m confident you know, for me or anyone else to question the family about this issue would be very inappropriate. I suspect all questions to police will politely go unanswered. Who opened the door to the news media about this issue? IMO we (public) are simply commenting about what has been reported.

  11. Andrea, I don’t really see how it’s my business where someone’s final resting place is if I don’t know them, I didn’t ask for that information, you didn’t need to provide it. I have great sympathy for the family, they don’t need some armchair detective on Edhat making some sort of negative implication towards a survivor of this tragedy.
    None. Of. His. Business.

  12. Assuming the bones were found in Montecito, stories should tell
    if found on the beach, in the creek, or by cleanup volunteers, etc.
    And how they got to UCSB instead of the City. Or someone thought
    they were Chumash?

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