Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line

Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line title=
Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line
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By edhat staff

Shalhoob Meat Company has announced their latest venture, the Shalhoob Beer Company.

Last week the local company celebrated with a "Can Cracking" event at 7-Eleven on Cliff Drive, the first convenience store selling their canned beer, with free tri-tip sandwiches and live music. 

Started by father and son team John & LJ Shalhoob, the idea for the beer line grew out of their love for predecessor Jerry Shalhoob’s famous jerky. 

LJ Shalhoob explained, “The one thing more satisfying than a fresh bag of jerky or a delicious sandwich on a nice Santa Barbara day is a cold beer to go along. It seemed like a natural step to create a drink to accompany the delicious food Santa Barbara knows us for.”

Shalhoob Meat Company has been family-owned and operated in Santa Barbara since 1973. Originating as a butcher shop, they supply local restaurants, hotels, and institutions with meats and provisions.



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In 2015 the Shalhoobs immersed themselves in the brewing culture. They contacted top brewers across California to gather insight, tips, and information on what makes a good beer. Consulting these experts along the way, they began experimenting with hops and local fruits using a small artisan batch brewing system.

“Brewing right inside our butcher shop gives us a chance to perfectly pair our beer with the flavors of our jerky and Patio kitchen,” stated LJ Shalhoob. “We worked to create recipes that are drinkable all day, yet full of exciting flavor that speaks to the Santa Barbara locals’ inherent palate. We spent countless hours tweaking them until they met the same Shalhoob standard that’s been at the heart of our success.”

Approaching their 50th anniversary, the Santa Barbara-based company expanded their Funk Zone butcher shop in recent years by opening the Funk Zone Patio Eatery, serving up food and entertainment. 

In addition to finding their beer at 7-Eleven Mesa or on tap at the Shalhoob Funk Zone patio, a growing list of convenience stores throughout the tri-county area (Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo) are now offering Shalhoob Beer Co. including The Bottle Shop, Stop & Shop, and Las Positas Liquor. 

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a-1565022177 Aug 05, 2019 09:22 AM
Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line

Those Shalhoob guys aren't dumb. If you're going to sell a lot of beer at your popular Funk Zone patio it may as well be your own. Their margins probably doubled versus buying beer wholesale from another brewer/distributor.

a-1565027904 Aug 05, 2019 10:58 AM
Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line

Congrats! I'd much rather drink a local beer that has roots in the community than some outside brewery coming in as the latest fad. Kudos to edhat for featuring local success stories!

Channelfog Aug 05, 2019 11:43 AM
Shalhoob Meat Company Launches New Beer Line

I am curious as to whether it is brewed locally, or contract brewed else where in the country. Funny that they chose a non-local chain, 7-11, over a totally local store for their launch.

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