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By an edhat reader

My neighbor shared the following that happened this past Saturday. Neither the man nor his dog has been located. The police and Animal Control are looking for them. I am hoping publicizing this incident may help locate this monster and help his poor dog.

“Dog dragged from back of man’s car at east beach. Today many of us witnessed a man who lives in his car and was parked at east beach drag his dog behind the car all the way to the bath house. The dog broke free and a man rescued it out of the street. It was alive and bleeding and in shock. It was small rust color mix and the man was tall, late 60’s, slim, with no front teeth. He came back and snatched the dog back from us after I told him I would take it to the vet. He was drunk and angry and screamed obscenities. This poor dog needs medical care. I’ve called the police and talked to animal control so they are on the lookout, but if you see this car or the man I described please call animal Control asap. This dog needs care and animal control called all the emergency vets and he wasn’t there. Let’s find this guy and his dog so we can get the dog the care it needs.”


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  1. What hypocrisy. The reporting witness ignores the distress of the human being and focuses on the animal. It would be appropriate to consider what that man’s circumstances are and why he is homeless and what stresses he is under and why he treats the dog the way he reportedly did. But not in SB, the first priority is the animal, and I don’t mean the human animal. What arrogance to grab the dog and inform the custodian/owner/keeper of the pet that you will assume the role that you have no inherent right to.

  2. How anyone can defend a drunk driver dragging a dog behind their car is beyond me. His homelessness has nothing to do with the facts here. Why he he’s homeless or drunk doesn’t change the animal abuse. It doesn’t give someone an excuse. This man drug a dog behind his car. What if it had been a wealthy drunk woman? I’m sure your tone would change. Would you worry about her distress? Of course not. What if he ran over a child? Would you worry about his homelessness then? This dog is surely dead by now. This guy should be in jail.

  3. ok drama queen. “snatched” so they just handed it back to him. a dangerous (how do you know this???) drunk “MALE”. So what. IDGAF if it was a dangerous and drunk WOMAN and it doesn’t take “strapping young men” to keep possession of an injured and abused dog. ALL you are doing is defending the people that gave the dog back to the guy. They essentially gave that dog a death sentence and you’re too stupid to see that? I have more than enough information to pass a judgement. Keep defending the party that gave the dog up. Go for it.

  4. Oh goodie you must be new here.
    You are grossly misinformed. Animal ownership does not give the right to harm. If your life is falling apart and you live in a car, having a pet is the last thing you can logically take care of. So you be an adult and don’t have one. For the dogs sake. Now, you have a bad day and decide to take it out on the dog. Again…. Not part of pet ownership, the opposite.
    There are a bunch of “rescue” organizations in this town that would love to show you the list of animals that have been removed from abusing people. And then Rehomed into loving homes. Worthy homes.
    This is about animal abuse, this man’s situation sucks I bet. But that gives NO excuse for what he did. None! So…. You can get off that soap box and take a seat

  5. “snatched” from them by a clearly dangerous drunk MALE. Perhaps had the people who had the dog been strapping young men, putting up resistance would have been OK. “Many of us witnessed”: Were there those who could have helped? Did it happen so suddenly and was over so quickly that people were “frozen” and couldn’t respond rapidly enough? Hold judgment until you know more.

  6. It’s still just an animal. Our society has decided to attach emotional feelings to this animal but eat other animals. If I had a chicken in my arm and kicked it, would there be such an uproar as well? Chickens also don’t have voices, but most people eat chickens so… ?

  7. 12:18 – if I saw you abusing a chicken or a cow (my favorite things to eat besides ahi), I’d have the same reaction as a dog. Just because we eat some animals, doesn’t make it OK to abuse others, even if the same species as our food. Kind of gross you have this viewpoint.

  8. I think it’s pretty naive to think kicking or dragging an animal is abuse and feed lots and slaughterhouses aren’t… I still eat some meat, but I have no illusions about it. Not up to paying for free-range, small farm meat either, especially beef.

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