Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise

Reported by edhat readers

  • A neighbor told me that about three nights ago, his car was stolen from the 2500 block of De La Vina Street. It was found a few blocks away. Last night, a catalytic converter was stolen from another car in the same block.

  • My neighbor, Councilmember Kristen Sneddon, said a catalytic converter was just stolen off her Prius. It was in her driveway! Please look out for one another in your neighborhoods. 




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  1. You’d think an active city council person would have the chief of police answering for this at the very next meeting. It’s ridiculous that we pay these people 6 figures, retire at 50 with full benefits and they seem to have no effect on crime whatsoever. Where are the neighborhood patrols? Has anyone ever seen a police car on their street? Where are the stakeouts and stings? They seem to have plenty of resources to hand out tickets, but when active crime is happening, they are nowhere to be seen.

  2. Many surrounding counties have programs to serialize the converters, making them less desirable for resale. Santa Barbara is just a big fat sitting duck for property crime with thieves driving all the way from Sacramento for our safe haven of crime.

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