Search and Rescue Team Saves Lost Hiker on Cold Springs Trail

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

Monday night around 5 pm, Sheriff’s Dispatch received a call from a lost hiker on Cold Spring Trail. The 70-year-old male had missed a turn in the trail. He climbed up a ridge for a better chance of locating himself and became lost in the dense chaparral.

The Sheriff’s Search & Rescue team responded to Cold Spring Trail and the first team in the field began the traverse and climb through the brush to access the hiker. Copter 1 from the Aviation Support Unit arrived on scene and helped locate the position of the hiker and guide the first rescuers to his location. A second field team headed their direction for support.

Due to the dense brush, it took hours to reach his location.. When close, a small ravine separated them. Putting the hiker in a harness and transporting him across the ravine, the team was able to meet up with him. He was then led out to the trail and hiked back to his car arriving about 10:30 pm.  

Thanks to everyone who helped with this rescue.

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