Scooter Rider Injured in Vehicle Collision

By Geo Duarte

Serious vehicle vs. scooter collision in the parking lot of S.B. Athletic in downtown Santa Barbara.

At 7:37 PM Thursday in the 500 Block of Castillo Street, a man riding an electric scooter in the direction of the DMV building. through the parking lot near the athletics club, was apparently cut off by a gray Toyota SUV.

The scooter struck the right side of the SUV and his body surfed over the hood, landing hard on the asphalt. The rider had visible abrasions to the right side of his face, it is unknown if there were internal injuries.

The patient was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital E.R. / L.1. Trauma center to assess internal injuries.

Photo by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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