Scanner Reports 8-7-20

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

What if somehow the bills that protect renters did not pass all agreements, fell through, and a mass of evictions were allowed to occur tossing many California residents out on the streets into a massive wave of homelessness? For those of you who rent how would you survive? Would you accept help from Family or Friends? Sleep in a vehicle? or out on the streets? I'm curious because I know there are a lot of renters out there. I don't know the exact figures off hand but I know there are many. I am curious if some of you know how to survive? It is very important to know how to survive the great outdoors if need be. I do have one suggestion if this happens: hook up with friends and do not camp alone. It is dangerous to camp alone anywhere unless you have a secure hiding place. I have not been homeless for many years and am pretty much disabled yet if need be I would do what I had to do to survive. Don't carry much cash either if it happens many homeless people get robbed the less able one is to take care of themselves the more of a chance of getting robbed though reality wise I believe renters will be covered and there won't be mass evictions here one must be prepared and that is why I bring the question up of What would you do? With that HERE IS YOUR SCANNER REPORTS...


Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • 415 Tenants arguing 300 Block of South Voluntario
  • Male subject in a vehicle passed out in the drive-through at Jack in the Box 500 Block of North Milpas when police arrived he was gone employees said it was medical issue narcolepsy.
  • Illegal campers on Overpass we might all be illegal campers someday.
  • Suspicious vehicle at Pueblo and Oak Park Lane green van in the loading zone with the flashers on several hours.
  • Subject on a roof evading police in the 3200 Block of State street. I liked the part where he was climbing out of the window and saw a cop watching him and went back into the building. I don't know if they ever caught up with the guy.
  • Transients causing problems at the 7-11 432 North Milpas street.
  • Medical Emergency Los Positas Southbound offramp off highway 101.
  • Wanted Subject Milpas at Montecito streets in Santa Barbara.
  • 20001pc In Santa Barbara Hope at State street and Pursuit with SBSO suspect was driving a grey Toyota Avalon and got away for now.
  • Traffic Stop 1100 Cliff Drive passenger in vehicle had a felony warrant.
  • Kayak in distress at Hollywood Beach.
  • 1100 Block of Greyson overdose.
  • Check the welfare of a female at Bath and Cottage Grove wearing P.J. Bottoms Reporting party thinks she might cause an accident.
  • Check the welfare of a child crying over an hour after being slapped in the 200 Block of West DLG.
  • Public Assist Dog rescue from the cliffs 2500 Block of Metcliff.
  • Transient yelling while not wearing a mask on the patio of the Habit 216 South Milpas street.
  • Medical call 1100 Block of San Pascual.
  • Juveniles fighting at Skaters point 100 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • Vehicle accident Los Carneros overpass traffic accident.
  • Disabled vehicle 200 Block of Garden street.
  • Med call 633 East Cabrillo.
  • Medical call 900 Block of Chapala city lot 2.
  • 600 Block of East Cota one roommate threatening to beat up the other roommate's daughter.
  • TRANSIENTS Disturbing at KFC and threatening to burn the building down.
  • Public Assist, Ring stuck on finger 500 Block of East Canon Perdido.
  • Trespasser at the Public Market 38 West Victoria.



Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • BOLO for someone hanging a sign over the overpass Southbound at Olive Mill Road.
  • First Block of Sunset Drive in Ventura Assault
  • Drunk driving female in a tan Buick sedan leaving Stearns Wharf child in the vehicle that was early AM Thursday.
  • Premises check Alice Keck Park.
  • Med call 1200 Block of Veronica Springs Road.
  • Premises check Alameda Park, and Kids World.
  • 415pc Transient harassing people and refusing to leave the parking lot 619 Garden Street.
  • Sonny Boy took off in Mommys Mercedes he had the keys not sure where he took the vehicle from had one of those fancy pansy street names. He probably won't go to jail anyway.
  • Fire Alarms no Fire 3800 Block of State street.
  • Fall victim 524 Milpas street.
  • Medical call 800 Block of Shoreline Drive.
  • Large Homeless camp on Edison Street East Side
  • Medical call 900 Block of Tremento Road.
  • Footsie Patrol Plaza Del Mar 100 Block of Castillo
  • On Robin Hill Road SBSO requested on an Employee Under the Influence of Meth with a firearm in his vehicle to be fired Keep the Peace call.
  • Check the Welfare on Camino Del Sur for a female covered in blood, plus Medical call in I.V.
  • 415 Transient yelling in Brownies Market 435 DLV and a Suspicious subject wearing a Bunny Suit not sure if the Bunny was in the same place that was how I heard the call.
  • Check the Welfare of a male passed out at Trader Joes 222 North Milpas.
  • Probation check 200 Block of South Voluntario.
  • Med call 800 Block of North Ruefgo.



Really gloomy lately I feel like I'm stuck in the mud anyway. Have a great Weekend...Peter, Molly, Belinda, Midnight, Merlin, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Lola, PoPo, Tom Cat, Tiger, Tomicina, Clancy, Shadow, FREDDIE, Maxwell, Liza, Zoey, Tiny, Andy, FISH HEADS ONE, TWO, AND THREE,Poncho, Denny, Zeke, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry, Eddie, Bambi, Lafayette, Ted, Mark, Willie, Pat, Mavis, Bengie, Ricky, Mrs. MacArthur, Auntie Helen, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Roger, Father Zimmerman, Joseph, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Firefighter Robert, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Kona, Crazy Ed, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY!, STOBE THE HOBO, KFC, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, John Havlick, Ron Santo, John Prime, Tom Petty, Rich Mullins, Charley Bukowski, Lucky, Little Mac, Bill, John, Marianne, and Chris Willing we will pee you on MONday-MONday.  Later,  Roger.


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Shame Aug 08, 2020 08:49 AM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Let’s pray that prop 13 does not go away because rents will soar. It’s a domino effect taxes go up rents go up. There are so so many of us who would loose our homes elderly who can not pay the pray

Roger Aug 08, 2020 04:54 AM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Thank You CHEMICAL SUPERFREAK for answering my question.

Roger Aug 07, 2020 09:21 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

There are alot of people who sleep on the beach now there is no room for me...

a-1596861425 Aug 07, 2020 09:37 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Sand fleas on the beach. The easier way is get a job, and then rent a real place to live. First things first.

a-1596860957 Aug 07, 2020 09:29 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Roger, by now your name should be at the top of the city's senior subsidized housing list.

yacht rocked Aug 07, 2020 08:06 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Besides sad, it would be ironic to be sleeping on the beach and run over by the lifeguard truck.

ChemicalSuperFreak Aug 07, 2020 05:08 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Regarding outdoor survival, 3 important things come to mind: Fire, water, and shelter. For fire, you should become adept at the use of kindling, from things like cotton smeared with chapstick to natural fibers from trees and bushes. It's time consuming, but the reward is a fire that starts quickly and generates enough heat to ignite larger pieces of wood. Water can be boiled, obviously, or treated with iodine tablets to be made safe to drink. Personally, I use a water filter/pump, and the unit can handle 200 gallons of water easily before it needs to be changed, just be advised that periodic maintenance is require to keep it in good shape. For shelter, I suggest getting a big, well made knife, preferably with a full tang. I have a Benchmade Bushcrafter, which keeps a wicked edge and has solid construction. I can use this knife like an axe, by striking it's quarter inch spine with a piece of wood to baton the blade into another large piece of wood and split it. This technique can be used to construct a simple frame for a shelter, take bushy branches off trees for bedding to keep warm, etc. I've even used it to make a spear for fishing. I spend a ton of my free time in the backcountry of Yosemite, often for week or two at a time, though I have a fancy tent with LED lights and a lot of nice lightweight toys that make life out there very comfortable.

Roger Aug 07, 2020 04:15 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Were all going to move to the beach! This is not Russia if you want to control people move there...

Basicinfo805 Aug 07, 2020 03:36 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Yep, 9387 and 6062 - I totally agree. We live in a real world with real economics and real choices one must make. It's been said over and over: not everyone can, should, or will be able able to afford to live here. That's a pretty simple reality. Society can't subsidize everyone who wants to live here in SB or for that matter NYC, SF, name it.

a-1596829387 Aug 07, 2020 12:43 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Lots of retired people are looking for nice rentals in Santa Barbara, so there are plenty of people waiting for housing to open up in this town. Many want to move to a smaller town, with more outdoor life and away from the larger, and more expensive cities. Santa Barbara is seen as a remarkable bargain for both housing prices and rental costs for many moving out of Silicon Valley or LA. And yes, they earned their savings and pensions that now let them enjoy a comfortable life. No one handed this to them. They got it the old-fashion way. And now they can afford to live in Santa Barbara. Just exactly how long do people who won't pay rent expect to live here for free at someone else's expense? Covid is no longer an excuse nor was it ever intended to be a perpetual free pass. Handwriting is on the wall - time to pack up and go where one can now afford to live, under the current "pandemic" realities. This is not rocket science. Plenty of subsidized housing here, social safety net is deep, get some friends together and buy a mobile home. But if you don't have the cash coming in, you need to face the reality - your dreams got bigger than your pocketbook.

Roger Aug 07, 2020 12:15 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

They are wealthy most likely someone who was handed it too though they all claim otherwise and I'll tell you what is going to happen every motel will be filled to the brim with mostly homeless folks because of the virus the new homeless will be middle class taxpayers who worked their asses off to save for a home but failed due to circumstances beyond their control...LEAVE Many say but who is going to make your bed, wash your underpanties? Cook your grub? You won't have to worry because when the shit hits the fan the rich are going to be BBQed on every grill in town Soylent green...The question is what would you do if it happened to you? How would you survive? Not a directive to tell people to get out of town. This is still a FREE COUNTRY and people can live where they choose.

winter Aug 07, 2020 11:26 AM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Wow ! You must be rich or comfortable...
Rodger, gets the reality of this...
People living paycheck, to paycheck, could be homeless.
Where do you suggest they go ?
In any town, you have to put down a hefty deposit...
Plus a moving truck, u-haul, cost a fortune.

letmego Aug 07, 2020 12:00 PM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Yeah, moving is expensive. I wonder if the owners of rental units think they can fill the empty units with so many people out of work?

a-1596816062 Aug 07, 2020 09:01 AM
Scanner Reports 8-7-20

Here is what renters who can no longer afford rent will need to do: move to where they can afford rent. Vacancy rate is very low here and the demand is high. Can't ask a landlord to give away their rental units for free. Fact of life. Everyone has the duty to provide for their own food and shelter. No one has the right to demand someone else give them these basic for free.

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