Scanner Reports 6-20-23

By Geo Duarte

2:20 PM, a Code 242 (Battery) episode, a number of teens allegedly attacked a security guard at The Paseo Nuevo Mall. Possibly a teenage group might include a teen Hispanic male, a teen white male and a teen black male. They caused some kind of serious injury requiring ambulance and fire response.

3:23 PM  A male fell down, likely under the influence. Now, 3:30 PM male is now faced down in a ditch, fire, medics have been called.

3:54 PM, OD on medication near Por La Mar Circle, near the Santa Barbara Zoo..

 4:21 PM, fentanyl overdose on South Kellogg at a homeless camp near the train track. Officer required birdog. Unable to initially locate exact location of victims camp. Called Amtrak to stop train traffic so vehicles could enter track area. At 4:57 PM track was cleared for train traffic to resume.

4:53 PM, So, following an identity theft subject with other possible charges onto Hollister. Setting up an interception near Turnpike. No other information available.

5:10 PM, Santa Barbara St, heart problem, elderly male, concerned staff, possibly schizophrenic. PD cleared for medis to enter, 7 minutes later.

5:53 PM, 255 Rametto or Romero Road, it appears there are possibly dangerous electrical wires down, high voltage. Avoid area.

6:30 PM physical fall at Albertsons in Buellton. At address, 222 on Highway 246, inside store, near the floral department. No other information available.

6:34 PM, 2100 block of Lake Marie Drive, injury accident, possibly. No other information to clarify.

6:43 PM, person off their medications. Patient apparently ate two thumb-tacks, emergency response on to S. 1st place, Lompoc, California.

6:59 PM 200 block of West Carrillo and De La Vina St, at a Starbucks a possible patron apparently a female not responding. Female possibly overdosing in bathroom. PD and medical response soon arrived, patient apparently was revived.

7:12 PM Subject possibly under the influence with screwdriver in hand. Trespassing, somewhere in Santa Barbara. The reporting party is willing to file charges.

7:30 PM 600 block of East Pine Street in Goleta. SUbject bleeding for some reason. No other details became available..

7:47 PM HMA, yelling obscenities,, seriously concerning neighbors. At Pacific Oaks at Cannon Green. No other details available at time of the  incident.

9:04 PM, 7200 block of Davenport, problem neighbor trying to get into neighbor’s home through front door. Previous interactions unknown.. No other details became available at the me of last Incident in the area.

9:20 PM male with possible warrants at El Refugio Beach, air support requested.

9:23 PM man down on bridge at 1200 block of Cacique. SBPD plus AMR and fire support requested.

9:26 PM, domestic, lake Cachuma. SBSO, contacting local Forest Rnger. Reports of a possible female yelling “don’t hurt me.” Subject an HMA, white shirt, Jean pants. Female appears to be in her sixties. Spanish-speaking couple.  9:31 PM, ranger on site. 9:49 PM at site 4, number 17. Dispute appeared resolved soon after SO arrival.

9:48 PM, vehicle accident North Miller in Santa Maria.

9:53 PM overdose at Hollister and La Patera. Male had turned purple, then turned a pale but “alive” color. Not sure if that was after administering Narcan. Hope there was no serious brain damage to this patient. It is unfortunate that after any time you lose consciousness and stop breathing you may suffer permanent brain damage and never be the same again. Be careful people, be very very careful! Avoid drugs

10:24 PM, apparent domestic on Hollister, 6800 block. WMA, bleeding from hands after arguing about a possible female. Gray or green shirt. At 10:28 PM male still hitting vehicle, apparently his own. 10:09 PM, SO, running plate. Subject visiting from San Diego. So! Now for my opinion, legally apparently you can beat your own car. Why would you do that period? [ETREME FRUSTRATION?] Issue was closed at 10:36 PM code 4.

10:55 PM, 4200 block of Encore Dr., someone said a person is at their front door saying “let me in” yet, reporting party cannot see them through the door or possible security system. Reporting party is now stating someone is stealing one of their floodlights. Description of subject, dark T-shirt wearing jeans. Description of subject, dark T-shirt wearing jeans. Subject is now apparently knocking on side windows of the residence. At 10:59 PM SBSO is out with subject. Investigation ongoing.

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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