Scanner Reports 10-30-17

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Geez Louise. My friend Jacques told me once “it is better to go through life with just a couple close friends because you get all mixed up in other peoples head trips.” Well I just got Bitch Slapped by a couple people I thought were my friends and it’s just as well that it happened because all this time I thought that were my friends while to them I was a burden. They felt sorry for me, they thought less of me. I’m not that kind of person. I think of other people as my equal, no better no worse. When these folks moved in, another resident had a power trip about everyone. He lied about people trying to get them tossed out. Well I stepped forward and told the landlord he was not being truthful about these folks, that was the starting of our friendship. The ending was her male roommate and I arguing about respect. He says abusive things to me in his sick joking way because he thinks he is better than me, then when I get irritated as I usually do and say things back he demands respect.

Guys who are real friends have been doing this for thousands of years, sometimes it gets serious most of the time it doesn’t. I did not think it was until the landlord showed up. I had no idea the guy was serious when he stated “You have to respect me but I don’t have to respect you.” It was a stupid thing and I thought he was joking so I said back “If you don’t respect me I’m not going to respect you.” I might have added a couple cuss words because that is the way I talk. They thought I was angry which I wasn’t and told on me. All they had to say is go away, they did not have to be like this.  This guy has been mean all along, from now on I will stay away. The End.

Funny thing I had something else to write about but got sideswiped with this now it’s on my mind stuck in my mind. Oh well here’s your scanner reports, FRYday:

  • Suspicious subject knocking on a door 100 Block of Burton Circle the subject left and came back several times.
  • Landlord-tenant fight, First Block of East Victoria.
  • Suspicious man hanging out in front of the Faulding hotel BMA Black shirt maroon pants.
  • Burglary on Danielson street.
  • Medical call unknown type 1000 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • Wanted Subject 1100 Block of Punta Gorda.
  • Stolen vehicle investigation 600 Block of West Ortega.
  • Overdose 400 Block of Dibblee.
  • Male beating a female in a white van at Vons on Coast Village Road.
  • Female fell from her wheelchair Indio Muerto at Voluntario.
  • Male ripped off food from USA Gas 636 West Carrillo.
  • 10851  from Calle Palo Coronado Stolen Hyundai tan.
  • Suspicious subject trying to sell 500.00 Worth of stolen goods 4800 Block of Hollister.
  • Three Drunks down to the front of Subway 609 North Milpas street.
  • Subject Smoking H&S in the bathroom of the Drunkin Crab in the 400 Block of State street.
  • Code 2 Medics 1000 Block of Casitas Pass.
  • Fight Over child custody in the 300 Block of North Milpas.
  • Fight 5800 Block of Encina.
  • Unknown type of fight in front of Cost Plus.
  • Theft of Alcohol CVS Pharmacy somewhere in the county.
  • Domestic 300 Block of South Canada.
  • 20002 Cota at Chapala.
  • Burglary to a residence 219 Oceano.
  • 1000 Block of Cliff Loud Party
  • Fight 700 Block of East Cota.
  • Anapamu  400 Block of East Anapamu 4 to 6 subjects fighting possible gang members no weapons seen.

Scanner Reports, Saturday

  • Premise check 900 Block of Carpinteria in Santa Barbara.
  • Assault 800 Block of Cliff drive in the same place of the home robbery last week.
  • Theft investigation 5800 Block of Encina.
  • Reporting party was going to the 2600 Block of Borton Drive to retrieve their cell phone.
  • Ill female 300 Block of South Voluntario medical call.
  • Attempted bicycle theft suspect last seen Southbound on Santa Barbara street WMA with a grey backpack.
  • Found dog pit bull 300 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • Fall victim 7300 Block of Elmhurst.
  • Vehicle accident 154 at Roblar in Buellton Semi vs vehicle.
  • Soccer Injury 4750 Hollister the knee.
  • Drunk driver HMA in the parking lot of Sterling Laundry in the 3400 Block of State street.
  • Attempt theft of construction tools in the 500 Block of East Yanonali.
  • Choplifter in custody Macys 3800 Block of State street.
  • Microwave Fire 1200 Block of Coast Village Road.
  • Civil issue at the Reef motel 1400 Block of Via Real.
  • Hazard investigation 400 Block of West Montecito gas spill 3 or 4 gallons.
  • 200 Block of East Valerio suspicious circumstances they did not say what.
  • Fight In the 800 Block of North Nopal.
  • Assault Occurred at Dwight Murphy victim reporting from elsewhere.
  • Stolen auto investigation from Paseo Nuevo 800 Block of Chapala.

Scanner Reports, Sunday

  • Vehicle stolen from the 200 Block of Ontare a silver Dodge Ram.
  • Reckless driver in a tan Silverado last seen highway exiting 101 to Milpas Northbound offramp.
  • Former victim of a hit and run suspect discovers their car parked in the Pet Co parking lot in the 3900 Block of State street.
  • Fight: Transient, Hotel Milo 202 West Cabrillo subject threw coffee on reporting potties girlfriend.
  • Suspicious 60 year old male with grey hair following a female in the First Block of East Cota.
  • Overdose on Gregory Way.
  • Medical call 9200 Block of highway 101 for an unconscious male.
  • Fight: Daugther 400 Block of Foxen.
  • Fight: Unknown type 3800 Block of State street.
  • Truck into a tree somewhere on Milpas not sure if the truck was occupied or maybe a ghost did it close to Halloweener and all.
  • Naked male in front of the 101 Deli on Salsipuedes probably a Halloweener costume.
  • Check the Welfare of a male in a black Mercedes In the Calvery Church parking lot
  • 3 Males snorting the COKE in Parking lot 11 behind the Faulding Hotel.
  • Fight At 7-11  331 West Montecito, there was something going on at the Santa Cruz Market too probably more 415 Disturbances.
  • Loud music in the 700 Block of Laguna the reporting party seems to think the offenders have a police scanner because they turn down the music before the police get there, there are other ways to silence loud annoying music.
  • Someone drained their lizard in the 600 Block of State street just one big happy circus Downtown people pissing, crapping, barfing, drinking, snorting cocaine, Santa Barbara is becoming quite the fun town.
  • 1200 Block of Cacique loud music.
  • 401 Nicholas Lane appliance fire.

Funny thing Just Before the poop hit the fan at home SUNday morning I had found out my mother got robbed by another family member. Yea I got drug addicts and Drunks in my family. My mom did me wrong when I was a kid but we have pretty much worked that out and you don’t rip off old folks. I don’t totally blame my little sister her head is messed up with Strokes, she’s disabled but I’d really like to  have a man to Woodchipper rider talk to her husband. I was trying to digest this news when the neighbors sideswiped me with the landlord first thing Sunday Morning. Like your walking along and out of no where a Semi is lurking upon you at 90mph. Next time anything happens that might or will become conflict I’m going to the police department and filing a report just so it’s on record. We all have to cover our asses in this world I get stalked somehow the whole thing is my fault No More Mr. Nice Guy.  With that Have a great MONday-MONday….Peter,Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter,Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan,C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy,Magruder,Don,Edwin,Cory, Rambo,Sherry, Diana,Jim,Marty, CopJohn, Isabelle, Jerry, Poe, David Cox, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks,  Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on WEDnesday.  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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