Scanner Reports 10-27-17

By Roger the Scanner Guy

From time to Time here on Edhat I get poop shoved in my face and I can only wish it had a better flavor because I’m poor and there is not a lot of food in my pantry. I get told who I am even though it’s not me, that is just the way it is. Everyone gets that, it’s kind of entertaining really. I used to get mad about it and others would tease me I think because at some time in their lives someone misjudged them. Also after a while you get tired of fighting and say “You got me you’re right! That is who I am.” You just want them to “SHUT UP PLEASE JUST SHUT UP OK I’m an idiot I give up.”

I went through a lot of poop in my young life some of it was not my fault, some of it was. It wasn’t my fault that my father beat the crap out of m.e I still have physical problems from some of those beatings. It’s not my fault that my mother and her boyfriend and later 2nd husband defrauded the government to the tune of one HELL of a lot of money. Because of their actions I went through many years trying to clear my name, and at one time was facing 10 years in Lompoc for Federal Fraud, but I cleared my name and put the blame right where it belonged on their shoulders. And do you know my own relatives threatened my life. Yes they told me that if I did not take the blame for what they did they were going to send THUGS to beat me up. I really wish they would have because I had plans for all of them, those were my drinking days. I never took threats lightly then.

There were things that were not my fault, but my Police Record which started at 6 years of age  bright and early one Summer morning in 1964 I own that. Breaking the law was my fault. My Police Record mostly juvenile was more hardcore than just about any Serial killing Mass murderer in History. I was a crazy bad ass little kid. I never committed sexual crimes, or Bank Robbery, there are some other crimes I did not commit mostly white-collar sissy crap. No Elder abuse, or Child abuse either, or Animal cruelty. I ran away from Home and other places when I was young committing involuntary manslaughter in self-defense against a child molester. I believe a lot of things happen for a reason and if my Father did not beat me when I was a kid that Child Molester might have killed me and I’d be his number 7 .I saw a lot of stuff on the streets as a kid. One grows up real fast out there. I slept on the streets in several places like Chicago, Buffalo, My home town Hammond, Gary. I used to crash on highways and roads, I was hitching on Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sounds like a small town, I slept on the streets more there than anywhere in abandoned buildings, in alleys, even a fridge propping the door open. I was hiding from a pimp who was trying to turn me out and sell me to the highest adult bidder.

Folks don’t know this there are many adults that love having sex with kids and some of these adults are the least one would suspect and pimps are the middleman the wheelers and dealers of turning one out. They start out by being nice and  being all loveydovey being a brother they will be whatever you want them to be until you cross them.  If the LOVE don’t work the beating and torture usually does threats with a knife little love cuts, cigarette burns in private places spaces usually with a little pain you can get someone to do whatever you want. I got zapped with an electric cattle prod once. I know what it’s like to go through all this crap. I know how pimps are and that is why I hate them no love or forgiveness here. I had a girlfriend when I was 15 years old who was also 15 killed by a pimp in Fort Wayne his name was Eddie he was one of the meanest people you ever crossed paths with a rapist, a killer, abuser of all he died about a dozen years ago and Fort Wayne is better for it I’m sure. He was one person I was afraid of.

All that insanity made me one violent sonofagun, not to mention angry. I’m still angry I guess I always will be I’m better at handling my anger than I used to be and I don’t drink anymore that’s a big one…I’m older now and tired too So feel free to call me whatever you think I am I don’t care I know who I am anyway….Bozo the blogger…

Scanner Reports WEDnesday

  • The day for me started out hearing an audible alarm in the backround of a police call it was a burglary in the 3300 Block of State street. There have been a lot of them lately and I think there is a crew of Smash and Grabbers out there.
  • Premise check 16 East Carrillo, Fig Tree, Bath Mouse.
  • Medical call for a Fall victim Vista Del Mar 3700 Block of Modoc.
  • CSI  3300 Block of State street.
  • Stolen vehicle investigation 1100 Block of Cacique taken from Soledad street.
  • Dog Attack 200 Block of Guadalupe street.
  • Gas leak from a truck 1100 Block of East Gutierrez.
  • Suspicious subject going to the bathroom in the 900 Block of Chapala street.
  • Vandalism at Denny’s 3600 Block of State street.
  • BOLO for several subjects dressed in black using swear words on the Sola street side of Alemada Park maybe they are fellow Evil Warlords.
  • I see the SBPD was visiting the East Side Creeper who likes to walk about all the schools on the East Side wearing his Trench Coat Hoodie he lives over on….Nope street.
  • Female down unconscious 300 Block of State street.
  • 5150 On Alamar and code 2 Medics for him also.
  • RV Fire Hope Ave offramp destroyed.
  • Idiot with a stick challenging someone to fight Cabrillo Ball Field near the Arch.
  • Burglary 200 Block of Downing.
  • Medical call for a pregnant female in pain 5 months along 600 East Cabrillo.
  • Vehicle Fire on Highway 154 up from Foothill.
  • Medical call for seizures in the middle of Oak Park.
  • Suicidal subject in front of Rite Aide in the 800 Block of State street.- 211 Strong Arm Robbery in Isla Vista.
  • Drunk Driver in a silver Cherokee in the 3600 Block of San Remo.
  • Code 40 DRUNK washing his car Cota at Anacapa.

Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • Overdose Accidental on Medication East Campus SBCC.
  • Minor injury traffic accident behind Station 2 Fire House code 2 Medics.
  • Camper on the stairwell alongside the Vic theatre.
  • Stand Off unknown type 1900 Block of Estriga court they wanted the people to come out and surrender and the people did not want to come out and surrender not sure if they ever got them out…Last I heard they were in the attic.
  • Fire Alarms no fire 1900 Block of Coyote Road in a residence.
  • Medical Emergency on the Guadalupe Dunes unknown type medical but a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle is needed to rescue the subject. Of course that did not work so they called Cal Star.
  • Code 40, Drunk 600 Block of East Cota.
  • Medical 7300 Block of Calle Real.
  • Transient causing problems at CVS Pharmacy 1200 Block of Coast Village Road.
  • Gas Leak outside 4300 Block of Country Wood Drive.
  • Fall victim Garden Court 1116 DLV.
  • Wondering about this one Illegal burn 2000 Block of Alamo Pintado illegal burn, structure fire, then  safe surrender baby. Did someone give up their child? I don’t think I have ever seen that listed before.-
  • SBPD on 2 subjects 1200 Block of State street.
  • Non injury Traffic Accident Highway 101 at Garden street.
  • SBPD officer needed to assist a checker unit in the 200 Block of East Victoria. on a 415 Domestic possibly involving juveniles, I hope not.
  • Medical Emergency at the County Jail at least they call the Medics now they used to put you in a holding cell and let you rot.
  • Female next to a wheelchair on the ground with a syringe behind 19 West Ortega.
  • 900 Block of West Mission 459 Burglary.
  • Auto theft 100 Block of North Nopal a Honda Accord was stolen.

I was walking to the store on Thursday about the time of that damn Earthquake in Lompoc I did not feel anything but down I went banging the hell out of myself…Dings, and dents, cuts, and some weird who doo crap on my arm I fell into some tall grass on Milpas everything in the whole wide world that can happen has happened right there on that spot now I’m itching like all hell probably got crabs .That is my dog Shot for the day Every Day it’s something new something dog gives me for not being a good catholic. Anyway I’m not preaching “Ouch, don’t pinch me there!” I can say Dog if your offended I’ll do that anyway Dog….That is all your getting out of me today I’m on my medication now and feel alittle better but not much Have a great Weekend…..Peter, Belinda Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan,Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Rambo, Sherry, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Micky Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on MONday-MONday.

Edhat Staff

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