Scam Calls Use 805 Area Code

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Property Crimes Unit would like to remind its citizens to be cautious of various phone scams that occur daily throughout our nation. These scams are often internationally based, however will represent a local area code using caller identification spoofing applications. These scam artists often prey on unsuspecting citizens and are persistent with their questions and threats.

Recently, a report was submitted by a concerned citizen of a scam in which the caller claimed to be a representative for the Social Security Administration and deceitfully claimed she was working with an officer with the Santa Barbara Police Department.  The caller was able to identify the incident as a scam and ended the phone call.

Please be mindful of such scams and please do not disclose financial information, social security numbers, addresses, or other personal identifying information unless the caller can be verified through other means.

While being aware of these types of scam calls is important, it’s also crucial to take proactive steps to stop unwanted calls, especially those targeting seniors with promises of benefits or services. According to, the Federal Trade Commission, fraudulent calls targeting seniors have been on the rise, with an estimated $1.8 billion lost by American consumers in 2021 due to various types of fraud. Compounding the issue, a study by the AARP found that older adults are more likely to be targeted by scammers and less likely to report fraud incidents. There are specific tips and guidance on how to stop unwanted senior benefits calls and protect yourself from potential scams. By taking proactive measures and staying informed, seniors can safeguard their hard-earned savings and personal information.


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  1. I am now getting at least 3-5 calls a day from numbers unknown to me, which I will not answer; sometimes a message, or part of message, is left on my voice mail as part of the scam. Some of the free or pay blocking services will help ( acouple of them mentioned already in this thread), but only in a limited fashion. The technology to permanently block and end all scam calls exists according to Consumer Reports and other sources, but the communication companies don’t want to pay for it. The FCC really needs to step in and tackle this rapidly increasing, irritating, and potentially harmful problem. I’d urge everyone to write a letter to the FCC and their phone service and demand an end to this once and for all.

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