SBCC Named #1 Community College

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SBCC Named #1 Community College
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Source: Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College has been named Number One of the Top 50 Best Value Community Colleges for 2018. Value Colleges, an organization that provides prospective students with a practical guide to the most financially sound investments in higher education, announced their rankings in early May.

There are more than 1,700 community colleges in the U.S. offering associates’ degrees, certificates and diplomas. SBCC received its number one ranking after Value Colleges collected data from a number of sources including U.S. News & World Report and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (the public database for the National Center of Education Statistics).

“Santa Barbara City College continues to excel in the educational programs we provide to our community. We are proud to be recognized for the work our faculty and staff do every day to support the academic success of our students,” said Dr. Anthony E. Beebe, Superintendent/President.

In their analysis of SBCC, it was noted that SBCC is dedicated to building the region’s workforce in services, technology, education and government. SBCCis especially renowned for its impact on minority and low-income students, providing students from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to move forward in careers as diverse as music, medicine, and engineering. In recent years, SBCC has expanded its online programs significantly as well, developing more than two dozen fully online degree and certificate programs in areas ranging from business and marketing to information management and medical coding. After an analysis of the data, SBCC emerged at the top of the list for quality, affordability and reputation.

For more information and to view the full list of recognized colleges, visit:

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buckwheat May 30, 2018 06:37 AM
SBCC Named #1 Community College

This is a terrific honor despite some of the negatives mentioned in the previous comment. The education I received at SBCC was superlative and prepared me very well for my university upper education. The classes I took actually required me to study harder than I had to after transferring to my university. Being a local, it was truly affordable.

PitMix May 30, 2018 11:55 AM
SBCC Named #1 Community College

Yes it is a great institution and provides an education at a reasonable price. But what they left out of the affordability evaluation is the impact that 30,000 students have on local housing prices. Or air quality for the ones that commute. Or parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. The people that benefit the most from having 55,000 students in a 200,000 person area are the landlords that are making a killing. The rest of us, not so much.

a-1527626468 May 29, 2018 01:41 PM
SBCC Named #1 Community College

How sad! SBCC #1 “Top for AFFORDABILITY and reputation”. Read article closely. Then ask: Is the South Coast #1 for AFFORDABILITY and reputation? At what cost to our greater community is SBCC made affordable to students from everywhere? What value is added or lost to Santa Barbara’s South Coadt because of SBCC? After making your list, affordability to students adds up to a huge community financial loss. SBCC fails to respect its designated boundaries intended for SBCC to serve LOCAL post/high school students living at home. Rather, SBCC has chosen to admit a near majority of out-of-district and foreign students, putting a drain on SoCoast housing availability, water supply, infrastructure, social, medical and law enforcement services. Imagine the changes that would result if the SBCC Trustees only served or at least prioritized local students with proof of 2 years of residency within its boundaries as high school students or fully employed workers. Check out SBCC boundaries: and The PROMISE Program makes SBCC affordable to locals by taking it back to its roots as a funded entitlement program. CA’s 114 colleges were tuition free until 2010, when “tuition” was allowed (vs meager enrollment fee from 1970s to 2010). Out of District and Foreign students are heavily SUBSIDIZED by local taxpayers, most of whom are ignorant, complaining that our community lacks “affordable” housing and water. Look at who is occupying a disproportionate number of local rental housing units: students. Students willfully admitted by Trustees coming from outside of SBCC’s District boundaries who Trustees prefer over those who live in a parent’s home to reduce demand for housing, water and other taxpayer services. Trustees are globalists hurting Santa Barbara. Trustees are supported by City Council and Board of Sups wanting to rule a larger empire rather than force SBCC to stop, to pull back for the benefit of our South County. Ask every housing activist if they address SBCC Trustees every meeting. Activists are barking complaints about housing and water availability at the exclusion of the one local governing body - SBCC - who can make our community more affordable. SBCC should charge every out-of-District student $3000 a semester to be paid into a fund for distribution to cities and Unincorporated areas within its boundaries to pay for required services before enrolling. Donors will scholarship those in need who refused at enroll in their Districts. Hancock College serves Solvang, Lompoc, Santa Marie, Los Alamos, New Cuyama.

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