Say Their Names Memorial in the Funk Zone

By edhat staff

A memorial highlighting police brutality against the Black community is now on display in the Funk Zone.

The chain-link fence surrounding the vacant lot cornering Helena and Yanonali Streets is titled the “Say Their Names Memorial” filled with flowers and 216 black and white photos of Black people who died at the hands of law enforcement, racism, and injustice. 

The memorial includes a photo of Meagan Hockaday, a Santa Barbara High School graduate who was killed by an Oxnard police office in 2015.

Leticia Fresch, a local events planner and leader of Healing Justice: Black Lives Matter Santa Barbara, created the mural earlier this month

Similar “Say Their Names” memorials have popped up throughout the United States including Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta. They were inspired by Joy Proctor of Proctor Designs in Portland who, in honor of Juneteenth, planned the first memorial for those taken by police brutality, racism, and injustice.

“A group of friends and kind passers-by helped put up photos and bouquets for each of the beautiful people who lost their lives. The goal is to spread awareness and honor the lives of too many, taken too soon,” a sign reads next to the memorial.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. So sad so many here (420722 et al) felt the need to jump on this and quickly spout their ignorant and intentionally misleading and veiled racist comments. Violence and death due to police brutality caused by underlying racism is FAR DIFFERENT than the old “but…but…but whatabout Chicago” tripe. Of course, even if you CAN see the difference, you won’t acknowledge it. Sad. I hope your kids grow up with more heart and soul.

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