Island Sunset

Platform Holly and Santa Rosa Island on November 26, 2023 (Photo: Jeremiah Bender)

By Jeremiah Bender

I captured a nice photo of the sunset with Platform Holly and Santa Rosa Island.

It was taken on 11/26/23, around 4:45 pm.

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    • I agree with Snorky.
      That is Santa Cruz Island. Santa Cruz Island is mountainous, and is more directly straight out from the beach in Goleta the Good Land and homeless camp (AKA Santa Barbara). Santa Rosa Island looks flatter and is farther west, hard to see much of unless you look out from the Gaviota/Hollister Ranch area.

      • This is definitely Santa Rosa. Santa Cruz has the 1808-foot peak on the eastern end of the island, it has the very prominent Diablo Peak near the midway point, and the western third of the island is much more prominent than in this photo. Heck, you can sort of make out Carrington Point in the photo, and the western end of Santa Rosa is very low-lying with those two little knolls you can see there.

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