Santa Maria Police Make Arrests in Two Robbery Cases

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Source: Santa Maria Police Department

On 8/21/18 at 1656 hours there was a call of an armed robbery in the area Dena and Lesley. Two victims described multiple suspects robbing them at gunpoint before fleeing in a dark colored vehicle. 

On 8/21/18 at 1720 hours a second armed robbery was reported in the area of Oakley Park. Multiple Hispanic male suspects were reported to have robbed the victim at gunpoint before fleeing in a dark colored vehicle.

Soon after the second reported robbery, SMPD Officers attempted to stop a similar vehicle, occupied by four males, in the area of Donovan and Lynne Drive. A vehicle pursuit ensued and the suspects then fled on foot. All four suspects were ultimately arrested and multiple firearms were recovered.

Two of the suspects were juveniles and two were adults. The adults are residents of Santa Maria and were identified as Christian Ambriz, 20 years and Luis Ruben, 23 years.

All subjects were booked and are currently in custody. They are being charged with 211 PC - Robbery and 186.22 PC - Gang Enhancement.

This investigation is still ongoing. In order to preserve the integrity of this investigation, the suspect's photographs are not being released at this time, as doing so would impede investigative measures that are currently being taken.

There has been no definitive link established between these robbery suspects and the shooting that occurred earlier this same date.

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