Santa Barbara’s Interactive Bike Network Map

By the City of Santa Barbara

Check out the new and interactive GIS story map of the City’s Bike Network with information on the bike network and type of bike facilities.

The City has exceeded the 2016 Bicycle Master Plan’s goal to add 30 miles of additional bikeways by 2030 to the existing 61-mile network!

There is currently a 91-mile network with transformational bike facilities being funded and coming to Santa Barbara over the next several years.

Visit or for details! Happy biking!

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  1. As for this quite obvious BCycle (TREK) advert, putting aside the multiple missing “routes” the very first sentence ends with “… information on the bike network and type of bike facilities.”, one would ASSUME that a bicycle shop would fall under the category of a “facility” (VeloPro; Open Air; Fastrack; Hazard’s; Bici Centro; or even Electric Bikes of SB) none listed nor displayed! Also agree with LetMeGo as to the “…safer places to park…” having personally had thousands of dollars worth of parts/belongings gone MIA downtown as well as while parked at the VA Clinic (4440 Calle Real) after returning from a WLA VA appointment (I no longer park it there for any WLA appointment, yeah I know it’s right next the JAIL).

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