Santa Barbara Police Arrest Suspect in Unprovoked Westside Stabbing

Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department
June 14, 2022

On June 13, 2022, around 5:20 pm, the Santa Barbara Police Department responded to the Westside Medical Clinic (621 West Micheltorena St.) for a reported stabbing that just occurred.

The assault happened near the intersection of West Micheltorena Street and San Andres Street, and about 100 feet away from the clinic. The adult male victim walked into the clinic immediately after the incident occurred prompting clinic staff to call 9-1-1. The suspect was described as an adult female, not known to the victim. The victim stated the suspect stabbed him in the back with a large kitchen knife, then fled the area on foot.

A witness followed the suspect, while on the phone with police dispatch, and provided a detailed description and direction of travel. The suspect was later identified as 33-year-old Santa Barbara City resident, Vanessa Beatriz Alvarez.

Numerous Santa Barbara Police Officers immediately responded with lights and sirens to the area. Approximately 5 minutes after the initial 9-1-1 call was received, Officers located Alvarez in the 1700 block of Castillo Street where she was detained. As soon as Alvarez observed the Officers, she discarded the knife but did not follow verbal commands. The Officers were able to arrest Alvarez without further incident.

The victim and the witness both positively identified Alvarez as the attacker and stated the stabbing occurred completely unprovoked. Video surveillance in the area also captured the incident.

After receiving initial medical attention at the clinic, the victim was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for further treatment. The wound the victim sustained is not considered to be life threatening.

Alvarez was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for several felonies including Attempt Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Use of a Deadly Weapon Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury and misdemeanor Resisting an Officer. Alvarez’s bail was set at $1,070,000 (one million seventy thousand dollars).

Reported by Scanner Andrew
5:28 p.m., June 13, 2022

Police are on the scene investigating a stabbing that occurred on the westside.



Written by SBPDPIO

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  1. What has Randy Rowse been doing – haven’t heard a peep out of him. ““Our children should be allowed to grow up and thrive in an environment of clean parks and beaches, safe and stimulating public libraries, and free from exposure to substance use and abuse,” he said. “A city that actively prioritizes its youth raises happy, healthy, and well-educated children, and that city works for all of us all the time.”

  2. ” it is dangerous to visit here” – oh come now, it’s not that dangerous for tourists. How often are tourists being attacked/targeted? Yeah, lots of violence in the homeless and gang community, but it doesn’t usually spill out onto innocent by passers.

  3. I have to agree, nothings changed since Rowse took over. But also take a look at what’s happening with the SBPD. Edhat and Noozhawk have put out a few stories on this. They can’t find people to work here. Combine that with the politics of the ‘defund the police movement’ and liberal top down politics throughout California, and this is where we stand.

  4. Who in town is defunding the police? A study of budgets in over 400 American cities over the last 5 years shows that, despite persistent claims by politicians, pundits, and police unions, there was no mass defunding of police. Police departments got the same average cut of the city budget in 2021 as they did in previous years.

  5. Political budget math
    Democrats cut funding to the police. How? By not financing the entire amount Police ask for.
    In other words, the cops ask for $100M and only get $98M
    Republicans cut funding to teachers
    In other words, the teachers ask for $100M and get only $98M
    True story: In 2020 the City of SB cut the police budget 5%. But…. they cut everyones budget 5%

  6. I don’t track the SB City budgets, but I know from being an educated adult paying attention to my surroundings that Santa Barbara isn’t what you’d call a law enforcement friendly city. That was my point and that’s all. I know a vocal few here would prefer we cut budgets for the cops, and isn’t it funny how fast they want to say we haven’t (haven’t yet, is that it?)
    Go travel around elsewhere a little if you don’t understand that. And I’m not talking about San Francisco.
    There’s a couple really nannies hanging around here. It’s not YOUR site.

  7. “It’s not YOUR site” – have you been excluded? I asked a simple question, as I was honestly curious. I don’t know if SB has cut any budgets, and thought you might know. I’m sorry that was hurtful for you. The whole point of this site is to ask questions, discuss local issues, etc etc etc. Just because some of us frequent the comment section some days more than others, shouldn’t be source of anger for you. I’m sorry that it is.

  8. So you are basing your opinion about how you feel other people in town might feel. Makes perfect sense for an adult to form opinions based on their projections of the perceived feelings of others. lol.

  9. Wow some people on here need hobbies. Trying to turn every story like this into Fox News with the same extended tired arguments and strawmen. Newsflash: a woman who’s likely mentally unstable stabbing a random person has nothing to do with law enforcement budgets or practices. What it is (probably) related to is the continuous lack of affordable mental healthcare.

  10. So an innocent victim gets stabbed in an unprovoked manner and all some are concerned with is the stabber getting the help they need. Some priorities are just a little bit off.
    Here’s an idea, jail the stabber, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law and let the correctional system help her out however they can.
    Sorry folks, this is just another example of bad people doing what they do best, bad things and the defenders of bad behavior asking for leniency on the victimizer, the stabber in this case.
    Enough with the excuses, enough with the sympathy, get this individual the help they DON’T want by locking them up and such. What have we got to lose? Another stabbing? That’s not a bad loss for us.

  11. My neighbors housekeeper and her gardener are married well they live together they’re not married they have 4 Children they Dr. a nice new truck they are on food stamps low income housing school lunches medical and probably anything else they can get. They both get paid $20-$25 an hour and have many many clients it’s all under the table I think that people should stop paying cash and holding people responsible. I once was going to hire a gardener and when I asked him if he was licensed and pays taxes he says oh no no no no no taxes so make of this what you want but this is what’s going on all over not just here but all over

  12. Sac, Not sure exactly what he’s referring to but you should know that in CA there is an entire populace (millions) that only operate in cash. There is an entire economy of grey market goods that never see a tax or a government regulation. There is an entire populace that do not get licensees, pay fees for permits and otherwise, and they do not follow the law or pay it forward into our communities. There is an entire world of people who are paid for their work in cash while their bosses charge the same rates as legit, tax paying, insured employees and pocket the difference. There is an entire world that lives outside of the rules and lives outside of the financial system. They hold no bank accounts, pay no taxes and know there are no penalties. They pay their rent in cash, send the majority of their cash to their home countries and have no interest in ever assimilating. They are here for money and money only.
    The trades are full of unlicensed and uninsured workers whose bosses (Jefe’s) charge market rate for their services while paying their workers a fraction of, in cash. So yes, there is an underground economy that lives and thrives in SB. They get free medical care, free phones, free clothing and free food. They work the system. And who can blame them? There are no consequences. And we make it so easy!
    Is that fair? Is it OK that millions of people cheat? You can try justify this stuff all you want but to the majority of people, its a disgusting double standard that is akin to theft. Its also a reason why our work force has bifurcated and our middle class has disintegrated.
    When there are an endless number of people willing to work for low wages, and an endless number of contractors and otherwise willing to subvert the law and the rules, you end up with what we have today. The only people paying for and following the rules are the suckers in the middle. The wealthy dont pay. The poor dont pay. So who is paying for society? The honest, hard working tax paying law abiding American who is too busy trying to survive to spend their energy fighting the system. That’s who.

  13. SBO – some good points. But I still don’t think immigrants (documented or not) have taken over our town and priced us out of homes. Sounds like BORNATCOTTAGE (kind of like calling yourself 805) is just angry and it’s easy to blame “outsiders.”

  14. In some ways they have. The influx destroyed the opportunities for tradespeople to make a decent living, earn enough to buy a home and raise a family. How? At first they undercut the prices to get the work. Then after some time, they charge market rate for sub-standard work done by uninsured, untrained workers. Lowering the quality of work while pocketing the diff. After a while, it becomes the new norm. The legit guys get out bid time and time again and eventually they are forced to either change their game, or find a new one. Its not hard to see. The quality of workmanship has declined severely over the last few decades. This is evident in every job and in every build. 80% of the work done today is substandard done at journeyman rates.
    There are very few restaurants, hotels or job sites in town that aren’t full of these cheaters. And I am not talking about the hard working guys and gals doing the actual work… Im talking about the bosses and owners who exploit the labor and cheat the system. There are now multiple generations of people who have grown up in this environment and not only accept it as normal, believe they are entitled to it.
    Its not a racial thing. Its a fairness thing. We need to stop this double standard. Enforce the law, require e-verify and put people in prison for tax evasion and illegal labor practices. Until we do, it is going to continue to bring down our schools, our workforce, our community and our future. You simply cannot have 30% of the population carrying the load for the cheaters while letting them cheat with impunity.

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