Santa Barbara Named Top Small City Destination

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Conde Nast travel readers recently ranked Santa Barbara at #10 as a Small City Destination.

According to the travel magazine, their readers cast hundreds of thousands of votes for their favorite cities in the United States in the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards survey. Apparently, the feedback was so massive, they divided it into two categories: one with smaller metropolises under one million, and another with populations over one million.

Coming in at number 10 out of 15 is our little blue town by the big blue sea, Santa Barbara. Conde Nast referred to our town as “Los Angeles’s northern neighbor,” but we’ll try not to hold that against them. A geographically correct description, but we like to think we stand on our own. Highlights included were the Orchid Estate, the Biltmore Hotel, and wine tasting in Los Alamos. The last one technically isn’t in Santa Barbara, but as locals, we know there are hundreds of wine tasting areas in our county.

Two other central coast cities made the list, Monterey ranking 13 and Carmel-by-the-Sea at number 8. The number one spot went to Charleston, South Carolina. 

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  1. I’m wondering how the City Council is “driving tourism into the ground”? Seems commenters here are often complaining about too many tourists. Also, the only CC member I know is Bendy, hardly a “limousine liberal”. So easy to toss names around!

  2. Up to a couple years ago there was an old pelican sitting on a pole off Stearns wharf who was always there 10 feet away from the wharf, sleeping and having a good time. It was always there to be taken a picture of and looked at you kindly with his big eyes letting you take a picture of it.
    And then one day when I went to the wharf and stopped by to see and say “hi!” to my old friend the pelican I saw he wasn’t there anymore.
    When I looked closely I understood why : some CREEP at city council (or some where else) had decided to plant sharp NAILS on the post where the old, faithful, pelican had been resting for years for everyone’s enjoyment’s so that this totally harmless, ultra friendly and gorgeous animal could no longer rest on that pole he lived on for so many years.
    This is a town where all those people think so highly of themselves, vote massively democrat but deep inside have NO RESPECT for wild life and for anything that may “bother” their ever so little “bourgeois” comfort and no doubt feel “so proud” to have “socked it” to this gorgeous animal while at the same time PRETENDING (but only pretending) to have such high “liberal” values.
    Shame on you and shame to the moron who decided to plant those nails !!

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