Santa Barbara MTD Transit Named Agency of the Year

Santa Barbara MTD Transit Named Agency of the Year title=
Santa Barbara MTD Transit Named Agency of the Year
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(Photo: Board Chair Dave Davis, General Manager Jerry Estrada and CTA'S Executive Director Josh Shaw)

Source: Santa Barbara MTD

Santa Barbara MTD was named Transit Agency of the Year at California Transit Association’s 52nd Annual Fall Conference and Expo in Riverside, California.

The Transit Agency of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding program or service that demonstrates innovative concepts, effective problem-solving techniques, or promotes a positive image of transit in the community.

Santa Barbara MTD was recognized for the recent launch of real-time arrival bus information via a smartphone app and texting feature, improving fiscal stability measures, and for a deepened partnership with UC Santa Barbara in the creation of the Line 28 service.

The California Transit Association is a statewide membership organization that supports the needs of California’s public transit systems through advocacy and education.

Chair of the Small Operators Committee and Executive Director/CEO of Antelope Valley Transit Authority Len Engel remarked, “The selection committee was impressed by MTD’s focus on customer service and plans to reach out to potential riders, especially students.  Transit agencies throughout California could look to MTD as an example of how to do transit the right way.”

“We are deeply honored to be recognized by our peers in the transit industry,” said Jerry Estrada, MTD General Manager. “We will use this award to fuel us as we strive for further excellence in providing quality public transit to the South Coast.”

Dave Davis, MTD Board Chair said, “Times are changing in transit, and MTD is changing with the times. We won’t rest on our laurels, but it is nice to be recognized for all the hard work our entire MTD team does on a daily basis.”

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