Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative to Launch Thursday

Source: Santa Barbara Foundation


On Thursday, June 17, 2021, the Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative (SBCVC) will formally launch. This Collaborative will serve as a forum to foster greater communication, build stronger working relationships among public and private veteran-serving organizations – all with a goal to work towards the development of informed services that uplift and improve the wellness of our Santa Barbara County veterans and families.

“The Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative has been a long time in the making with a county-wide support system to help get us to this point, which was made especially difficult during COVID-19,” shared Marcee Davis, SBCVC Board President. “I am excited that we can now introduce our collaborative to the greater Santa Barbara community, and I am looking forward to working with service providers, state and local officials, as well as an array of stakeholders across the state to collaborate and support our local and diverse community of veterans on the central coast.”

The genesis of the Collaborative began in 2017 with an assessment supported by the Santa Barbara Foundation and conducted by Nancy Berglass. The Santa Barbara Veterans Needs Assessment was produced and serves as a baseline assessing how veterans are doing in our region and identifying opportunities on how to better serve them. An opportunity that rose to the top was, “to facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and communication among and between public, private and nonprofit organizations serving veterans,” which the Santa Barbara Foundation provided further investment through a grant and staff support. After five years, this has culminated in building the infrastructure of the SBCVC as a 501c3 with a collective impact model.

Organized for collective impact, the collaborative brings organizations together, in a structured way, to leverage their strengths to achieve social change. It serves as a monthly convener of participating cross-sector organizations and gathers many of the same stakeholders in working groups to develop strategies that address issues relevant to local veterans.

“For over a decade, from the Washington VA to the California Department of Veterans Affairs, numerous studies of collaboratives have substantiated their effectiveness,” said Calvin Angel of CALVET. “Particularly impactful, are those who are broad-based and active in their community. The data supports that the quality of life for the veterans and their family are improved. The Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative was created with the knowledge of how effective their organization can be for the North and South County. On behalf of the California Department of Veterans Affairs, congratulations, and have a long and productive history.”

Participating organizations will benefit from the opportunity to learn from the many veteran-serving organizations at the monthly meetings. This will include presentations from various government officials and other veteran-serving organizations, in addition to information sharing among participating organizations. The SBCVC is comprised of multiple working groups. Many of the Collaborative’s stakeholders also meet monthly with their respective working group to address issues relevant to Santa Barbara County veterans and their families.

SBCVC, invites any and all veteran-serving organizations to join SBCVC as it launches on Thursday, June 17 via Zoom. Veteran-serving organizations may request additional information at or

About the Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative

The Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative aims to serve as a forum for veteran-serving organizations to share what they learn with others, identify duplications and gaps in services, and build collaborative relationships as they work toward the development of informed services and other support that improve the wellness of veterans and their families. The Santa Barbara County Veterans Collaborative was organized and incorporated in 2020 and formally launched in May 2021. It joins other stakeholder groups across the nation, collaborating to positively impact the lives of veterans and their families.

About Santa Barbara Foundation

The Santa Barbara Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Santa Barbara County for all who live, work, play and visit here. Working in partnership with individuals, community organizations, nonprofits and government, we strive to address our communities’ most challenging needs. Recognizing that our work depends on the strength of the nonprofit sector, we are committed to their health and vitality. Nearly every Santa Barbara County nonprofit organization and essential community project has been supported by the Foundation during its 93- year history. The Foundation connects those who give with those in need – and all who dream of stronger communities. To learn more, please visit



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