Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Releases 2019-2020 Report

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Source: Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

The 2021 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury has released a Response Report detailing relevant statistics concerning the ten reports issued by the 2019-20 Grand Jury. In total there were 250 Findings and 335 Recommendations made by the several respondents. 

The provisions of California Penal Code sections 933 and 933.05 require the responding governmental officers and agencies to respond whether they agree, wholly disagree, disagree in part, with an explanation, or need additional time, not to exceed six months, to analyze the Recommendation. With respect to the 335 Recommendations, the respondents informed the Grand Jury that 136 had been implemented, 66 would be implemented, 24 required further analysis, and 109 would not be implemented.

The Response Report may be found on our website, (or in the attached document below).

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Byzantium Jul 22, 2021 05:33 PM
Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Releases 2019-2020 Report

You will be happy to know the Grand Jury made 19 recommendations regarding the cannabis industry and the county board of supervisors has already rejected 18 of them. They implemented only one of the 19 recommendations. Not sure I have ever heard public officials rejecting upfront 95% of these official recommendations. Such are the distortions this new industry has brought to our county.

Bird Jul 20, 2021 10:47 AM
Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Releases 2019-2020 Report

I disagree that they are useless. Just the fact that they exist, that the jurors have a large ability to look into county and city processes is a heads-up for bureaucrats.

That there's not much of a follow-up is unfortunate. Maybe that could be the subject of the next Grand Jury! ...A propos of that, is there a new grand jury empanelled? I did not see any outreach for jurors.....

RHS Jul 19, 2021 06:19 PM
Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Releases 2019-2020 Report

Grand juries are useless unless a member has an ax to grind. Some of the reports over the past few decades have be the stuff of MAD magazine. I remember one which recommended, with illustrations, a freeway be built along the mountains to divert traffic on 101 away from SB. Wouldn't we love to look at that vista today!

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