Santa Barbara City Appoints Finance Director

Source: City of Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara City Council voted unanimously to confirm the appointment of Keith DeMartini as the City’s Finance Director.  As the Finance Director, Mr. DeMartini will manage the City’s financial operations and provide guidance to the City Council to oversee a total budget of $345 million, including a General Fund budget of $140 million.  He will directly oversee the divisions of Treasury, Accounting, Risk Management, and General Services/Purchasing.

Mr. DeMartini currently serves as the Finance Director for the City of San Bruno where he manages a total City budget of $188 million, including a General Fund budget of $50 million. At San Bruno, he implemented a Comprehensive Fiscal Sustainability Project with initiatives to grow revenues and develop long-range financial plans. He also implemented long-term fiscally conservative policies and procedures and streamlined procurement processes.  Previously, he held senior management positions at the City and County of San Francisco for ten years, including Financial Systems Director, Public Works Budget Manager, and Planning Finance Manager.

According to City Administrator Paul Casey, “I look forward to Keith joining the City. I am confident he will bring a wealth of experience to lead the Finance Department and help guide us during fiscal challenges.”

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from San Francisco State University. 

“I am thrilled to be joining the City of Santa Barbara’s leadership team and am looking forward to supporting the great work of the City,” said Keith DeMartini. 


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  1. Wonder how he plans to “enhance” city revenues – pay close attention to that one. Expense reduction is actually key to city finance issues, when consultant after consultant point out this city has twice the employee numbers and compensation overhead, compared to other cities of similar size and mission. Good luck, your predecessor got out just in time. 20 years or kicking the fiscal deficits can down the road has finally reached crisis stage. Deliver the bad news and hope it gets a better reception than awaited former SBUSD Supt.Matsuoka. We have your back. Quality of life in this town cannot degrade much more than it has in the past few years of city neglect, so cutting the budget to a far realistic size and expense should reflect the neglect we are currently experiencing. Many frill and bloated departments from a prior “golden age” are simply no longer needed. Back to basics – and closer alignment to other similar cities administrative charts. Zero based budgeting is a good start for everything. The transfer of the subsidized city golf course to become a private enterprise zone was a successful model.

  2. Sure you’re a nice guy. I’m trusting you’re immensely capable. I’d bet you have fantastic energy and drive and vision in finding solutions in troubled times. But call me crazy… Again, the search ends up hiring someone from out of town. Has anyone who currently works in the SB system learned anything that would position them for advancement? Good luck and enjoy your salary.

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