Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in Bloom

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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in Bloom
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By Robert Bernstein

Last month I reported on our visit to the Ventura Botanical Gardens. Thanks to people replying to that article and others for suggesting we visit the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Indeed, our local garden is in bloom now!

Here are my many photos of our visit.

Perhaps the centerpiece of the garden now is the wonderful field of poppies on the big lawn near the entrance with the mountains as a backdrop:

There are several ideal spots there for photos of the poppies. But don't miss the other blooming flowers in that area:

Of course, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is about much more than blooming flowers. It is an extensive area in Mission Canyon to wander and explore and find peaceful areas. One of these areas is the Coast Redwood Grove:

There are also remnants of the original water works system that served the Santa Barbara Mission:

There is still water in Mission Creek

And beautiful bridges across the creek:

For the more adventurous there are rock crossings as well:

Here is a fun arbor

And a play area for children

After you explore the main garden, don't forget to cross the road and explore the upper garden. According to my records I had not been to the Garden since 2013 and this area has been transformed since then. Notably, the Pritzlaff Conservation Center and the Island View Garden. Here are a few photos in this area.

We decided to become members of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden that day. Not only does it allow free admission as often as you want and other local member benefits. It also allows access to 345 botanic gardens and arboreta around the US.

You can find more information about the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden here at their web site!

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SBJeweler Apr 12, 2021 10:36 AM
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in Bloom

Thank you for the reminder that the beloved Botanical Gardens blooms. My hide out from the world habit needs help in breaking.
Mask on. To the Botanical Gardens I go.

Shasta Guy Apr 13, 2021 09:35 PM
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in Bloom

Thanks for letting everyone see your wanderings to the fabulous places just minutes away from everyone’s doorsteps. Get outdoors, less streaming TV, more time with flowers and plants. There’s plenty of wonder things to outside, and thanks Robert for setting such a great example!

sbrobert Apr 16, 2021 05:20 PM
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in Bloom

Thank you SBJEWELER and SHASTA GUY for the very kind words!

Just one thing I should have mentioned: The parking is quite limited. Try to get there early. Mid Afternoon it seemed to get less crowded, too. You might want to call ahead to see the best times.

Yes, we are indeed fortunate to have so many nature opportunities right here!

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