Salcido, Lozano Clash on Covid, Learning Loss, Race & Gender Teaching

By Jerry Roberts of Newsmakers

Nearly 300 people watched the first and only campaign forum in the race for County Superintendent of Schools live online Tuesday night, as incumbent Susan Salcido and challenger Christy Lozano differed sharply on the direction of public education in local districts.

Terming her rival’s criticisms “irresponsible” on several issues, Salcido pointed to evidence of small improvements in collective reading and math test scores for the county’s 20 districts, while giving high marks to how local school boards and superintendents handled two years of pandemic and defending the push for programs and curriculum aimed at advancing equity in educational outcomes for minority and poor students.

Proclaiming “the fish rots from the head,” Lozano pointed to low test scores that show half of county students do not read at grade level, and even fewer are proficient in math, as proof of the need for a total overhaul in local public education, which she said should be led by the superintendent as she accused Salcido of being “hidden” during the pandemic while local districts needlessly shut down schools and also said instruction about sex and gender should be ended.

The sharpest words of the 75-minute event focused on educational materials and instruction about racism, as Lozano said that white people are unfairly assailed in implicit bias and other trainings and alleged that “Critical Race Theory” is being taught in county schools; Salcido pushed back hard on the issue, saying the challenger was categorically wrong about CRT and accusing her of fueling “divisiveness” in the community.

Josh Molina has a good play-by-play report over at Noozhawk, The forum, only one week before the June 7 primary, represented an 11th hour success for longtime education activist Lanny Ebenstein, who single-handedly brokered an agreement between the candidates to appear jointly at an online forum, after a planned League of Women voters event was cancelled because Lozano rejected the organization’s long-time rules.

He also secured the sponsorships of two non-profits – the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association and The Resource Santa Barbara, which arranged and organized the Zoom affair. It drew a surprisingly large turnout, with at least 280 people calling in to watch the forum live.

So large was the audience that Ebenstein and Newsmakers’ genial host, who served as co-moderator, were all but overwhelmed by the scores of proposed questions sent in by email before the event, and requested in the Zoom chat space in real time.

With mega-thanks to all of those who submitted questions, we’re sorry that we couldn’t get to all of them. Vox populi.

You can watch the Salcido-Lozano forum via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.


Written by Jerry Roberts

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  1. General, you’re not going to see “CRT” listed in a school curriculum and there are a lot of word games about what CRT actually means. In addition, teachers are reluctant to admit and in some cases actually go out of their way to hide some of the subject matter they teach because they don’t want parents who object to it to have the opportunity to pull their kids out of class and avoid it. Ask your kid’s teacher about the training they get for race and gender/sexuality related issues and how they implement that training in their classroom. If you ask if they are doing x, y, or z, and they don’t answer with a straightforward no, that means the answer is yes and they are teaching that. You might be surprised what’s going on.

  2. Chip – I’m highly educated. CRT in grade school is the big lie. I’ve been in ethnic literature classes at the university level (where CRT is not taught) – and have seen the coursework my kids are doing in school. But if you want to keep being persuaded by outside forces then you do you. I’m not surprised at anything that is going on – I’m surprised the far right culture Nazi’s and Q have spread the lies so well.

  3. 1:35, I don’t think you are aware of what is happening in classrooms. I would strongly encourage every parent, talk to your kids about what happens in school every day. Make sure you are aware of what is going on in the classroom and what your kids are up to. In addition, talk to your kids’ teachers and ask them about what they are teaching and ask them about what interactions they have with your child. If you don’t stay involved, you may be in for a shock when you realize what the teachers have done with your children without your knowledge. Stay vigilant!

  4. Chip – we are quite aware of what is going on in the classrooms. If you are having a problem with kids being taught about MLK or the Jim Crow or slavery then you are the problem. The cult has convinced you things that are going on that are not going on. It harkens back to when they told you Obama would invite Sharia law to overtake our constitution and that Hillary as Secretary of State would invite the UN to overtake our country as a form of gun control. It doesn’t exist. Didn’t/won’t happen.

  5. I’m not talking about teaching the kids about MLK or the Jim Crow era. I am concerned about things like elementary school teachers guiding students through the process of gender transition or coming out to their class without their parents knowledge. If that isn’t something you are ok with, you had better stay vigilant and know what is going on in your child’s classroom.

  6. Salcido came off like a politician vs someone trying to get stuff done.
    Lozano came off very matter of fact – SBCEO has a big budget so there needs to be transparency. Use the budget to support the kids who need the help the most – but at the same helping a kid does not mean lowering the bar so that they feel good. Get the kids who need help more tutors and after school services – which goes back to first point. I her her point about vocational programs. I can see their being economies of scale by SBCEO taking the lead in this and then offering the services back to the school districts.
    Not sure where CRT fits in with the SBCEO – just do not want budget being allocated towards it. Everyone involved in the education system needs to focus on the basics – Reading, Writing, Math. Once they can demonstrate kids are getting the basics – then there can be a debate on what else to fund/teach.

  7. History, Art, Science – sure. But teaching about racism is a subset of History.
    Schools should be allowed to discipline kids who do bad things at school.
    Schools should not be allowed to brainwash kids to think that one race is superior or inferior to another.

  8. Bosco, thanks for saying what we all feel. There is NO HIDDEN curriculum.
    there is some changes, like common core ( math ) and some other techniques that I dont remember having been taught ( 30 years ago ). but it has ZERO TO DO with gender, or race.

  9. “arm chair viral expert”…? Ummm…virtually every other country in the world realized needed to be one of the last things to close and one of the first things to open…we went with bars and gyms and wineries, etc…
    So, more accurately, you should note the irony that the arm chair viral expert just so happened to be our school board…who ignored science, reason and logic and just kept it closed. Fine people such as yourself cheering them on (presumably) helped them feel good about that closure….thanks!

  10. VOICE – super simple. She wants to ban any discussion or teaching about racism and LGBQT issues. Have you not read her “policy” ideas? She might not be a card-carrying KKK member, but if you want to stop teaching about racism, guess what you are?

  11. How is she racist and homophobic?!? It’s amazing the unsubstantiated slander you’ll throw out, how Trumpian of you. I think with the number of “conspiracy theories” that have come true over the past several years a little paranoia is warranted.

  12. Hmmmmm… you mean the ones that didn’t happen…?
    I got to ask GT… Why the obvious falsehood? We all know kids and teachers didn’t get sick at a higher ratio than the community at large. We knew this at the time… and we really know it now! We panicked… and then just kept panicking and ignoring any and all reason and logic. Took a lot of federal reopening money too in the Summer of 2020… it was a win win win for the teachers union!!!!

  13. Can you please point to the policy (link would be preferred) that you feel make her a racists homophobe? Not wanting our children to learn about some of them being born oppressed and some born oppressors in public school, is not the same as “ban any discussion teaching or about racism”, nor is it racists. Similarly, not wanting young children to be taught about sexual preferences and gender identity in elementary school homophobic – until they are much older, this topic is best left to the parents.

  14. Like you’re in any position whatsoever to demand proof from anyone about anything. What a laugh. If you don’t see how wanting to prohibit teachers from discussing LGBQT issues in class is homophobic or at the very least supporting an environment that makes LGBQT kids feel unwelcome (which is called “anti-LGBQT” or homophobic), or how wanting to prohibit teachers from teaching about the racist history of our country is racist or at the very least supporting an environment where we ignore the disenfranchisement of an entire people cause by racism, then I can’t help you. Maybe you like these ideas, not surprising.

  15. General tree – but there weren’t staggering deaths amongst Florida educators (despite what a couple of Facebook posts told you and you’ve held onto ever since). That was never a thing… or true. What is true though is that We let our school board panic and do a terrible disservice to our local youth. Humorous (yet kind of odd) that you still hold onto that obvious untruth.

  16. Yet, none of those things are happening…… and again, me not wanting my 6 year-old being taught about “LGBTQ issues” in school, isn’t “anti-LGBQT”. Her classmate with two dads… is just that, a classmate with two dads, nothing more needs to be explained by her teacher, nor does she even question it.

  17. “Yet, none of those things are happening.” – E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. ABSOEFFINGLUTELY CORRECT. So why are people like you and Lozano flipping out about it?! Haha I’m sorry but I can’t carry on any further, this has now come full circle and you’ve admitted there is nothing to worry about has you scramble and argue about how it’s Ok for you to worry about the things you’re worried about that aren’t even happening. GOOD DAY, over and out lol!

  18. Clearly education failed “basic”. a) Salcido is not singlehandedly responsible for scholastic stats. b) It’s unwise to replace someone with someone worse just because the status quo isn’t good.

  19. “me not wanting my 6 year-old being taught about “LGBTQ issues” in school, isn’t “anti-LGBQT”. ”
    Framing it that way is–only homophobes take your line of argument. Be brave and admit what you are.

  20. “Schools should not be allowed to brainwash kids to think that one race is superior or inferior to another.”
    So, good thing that’s not happening, contrary to the lies of fundamentally dishonest (and cryptoracist) right wingers.

  21. “However, if you ask enough parents of elementary school students you will learn that it is happening.”
    Sure, if you ask enough people you will get lies from other right wingers. Like if you ask *enough* people here about Chip, you’ll eventually hear SBREADER’s view, lol.

  22. GT – that wasn’t a real thing. We failed our kids in SB… why keep doubling down? It’s ok (in fact it’s the sign of sanity and honesty) to admit when one is wrong. Our school board was absolutely wrong and absolutely deserves a failing grad. Any assertion to contrary is completely divorced from reality.

  23. I’m seeing a lot of the Salcido supporters calling the challenger a racist and homophobe here. Those are bitter, fighting words, and wow, I don’t think that’s right. Pure and simple. I’d never lay something like that on a candidate in a forum like this. It’s ok to disagree and debate but that’s a heavy accusation. Easy to type real quick, I guess? Think before you type.

  24. ” Lozano said that white people are unfairly assailed in implicit bias and other trainings and alleged that “Critical Race Theory” is being taught in county schools” Of course she said these things, bless her little heart. Throwing out far-right conspiracy meat and potatoes for the Fair Education SB gang.

  25. This comment almost disqualifies Salcido as it is completely wrong, and completely divorced from reality:
    Salcido gave “high marks to how local school boards and superintendents handled two years of pandemic”.
    They couldn’t have handled it any worse!!!! They took tens of millions in federal re-opening funds…and then didn’t reopen for an extra 6 months. Anyone who thinks that was well handled should be disqualified from running.

  26. Hi Duke – you worry about things that don’t exist. Please tell us what cirriculum in your child schools that you have reviewed that teaches “LGBTQ issues” in k-3. Please tell us what cirriculum in your child schools that you have reviewed that teaches Critical Race Theory and CRT being defined as “theory states that U.S. social institutions (e.g., the criminal justice system, education system, labor market, housing market, and healthcare system) are laced with racism embedded in laws, regulations, rules, and procedures that lead to differential outcomes by race.”

  27. I’m amused, but not surprised, that the great conservative minds of this group can’t actually define what Critical Race Theory actually is or how it is defined. Having uneducated parents try and sit at the table to discuss education isn’t ideal.

  28. GT – That though, isn’t answering my question (which you obviously are under no obligation to answer). You seemingly want LGBTQ issues to be taught and discussed and you seemingly want teaching that would at least thematically align with the concepts of CRT to be taught, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you are saying that “they aren’t being taught…but they should be”. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I keep saying that LGBTQ issues (like religion) simply shouldn’t be broached in a K-3 setting.

  29. Sac – Can you give some examples of appropriate discussions (and/or teachings) for a 1st grade teacher to have with their class of 6 year olds? Like religion, I just don’t see an avenue or way in which that can be discussed. It can be noted, but again, like religion, we really shouldn’t have teachers teaching or discussing it with their 5 to 8 year olds.

  30. We have two choices to select from, so each of us who votes can select one or the other (write-in as well if you wish). For someone to make 30 to 40 comments on this one thread is unbelievable. After say 10 or 20 comments, one would surmise that no one is changing their mind. Then come comments 20….25……still, no one is changing their mind or opinion…..let’s see if 30 comments will do the trick….Nope. Then on to making mindless comments 30-plus….no point. Reminds me of two guys back in the day who would constantly get into it with how much Budweiser was better than Coors, or the Giants were sooooooo much better than the Dodgers. Much the same about these two candidates….one is terrible and the other is worser and one is a loon and the other is this/that and a loser, a liar, and so on …. If you’re not okay with letting others have a different opinion/view…..then you are not okay. Thirty-plus comments on this article alone….that’s 30+….and it goes on and on.
    Q: Why do people want to know someone’s politics before they can determine if they are allowed to like them or not?
    A: Because closed-minded is the way they roll, and it’s your fault for everything.

  31. GT – Did I at any point say that I think the County Superintendent decides curriculum (answer: no I obviously didn’t). I was highly critical of her giving the board high marks for their disastrous COVID response. I was quite dismissive of those celebrating a status quo amongst our school admins that is massively wasteful and struggling. But I never once said, implied or referenced in any capacity that the Country Superintendent “decides curriculum”.

  32. DUKE – what specifically are you so concerned they will teach about race/LGBQT?
    CRT “being integrated?” You mean like teaching elementary school kids about how slavery and racism was bad? What LGBQT issues are you so concerned about?
    AGAIN (not just for you) can anyone tell me specifically what topics/lessons, etc, within racism and LGBQT issues they’re so concerned about their kids hearing/learning?

  33. Racism and ethnic cleansings are two things human animals have been good at since the first clans split up.
    Slavery is a big part of the history of all humans as well.
    Slavery continues in parts of Africa, Asia. Women and boys are still sold/trafficked as sex slaves world wide sometimes based on their race.
    Quick quiz since this is about education and people are saying “mine is biggerer” about their education
    A. 10-11 Million slaves were sold from Africa to the new world: How many of those slave were brought to what is now the USA?
    B. How many slaves were sold from Africa to the Middle East over the same time frame?
    C. How many male slaves were sold from Africa to the Middle East to be used as soldiers by Islamists? How many survived the journey which involved walking through the Sahara?

  34. Sac – And I’ll put it back to you…can you give a couple of examples of how/what you want teachers “teaching” about LGBTQ issues to 6 year olds? And remember it cuts both ways, there is of course going to be teachers who teach a very pro and a very con lesson…
    Wouldn’t it honestly simply be better to just avoid that topic till at least the kids are 10?

  35. They can’t define CRT, can’t express what LGBTQ or race teachings are going on in any of their schools that they have personally witnessed. This seems to reinforce the homophobia and bigotry running rampant through some conservative circles. It sounds like the typical parroting of FOX.

  36. GT – exactly. When you have a “strong” stance about something that you are unable to explain, articulate, or even define, then it’s a clear indication you’re only angry about it because someone told you that you should be angry about it. All these former “independent researchers” are suddenly at a loss for words! Lol!

  37. Lots of heated debate here. Everyone with school age kids will make their own decision about where they want their kids to be in this over the top PC climate that’s taking over our classrooms, except those who don’t have a choice.

  38. BASIC – that’s a valid concern. Are they suggesting allocating more time to social issues than for reading, writing and math? I think, if anything, racism and LGBQT issues would be brought up during the appropriate times dedicated for social studies, history, etc. We still need those subjects. School shouldn’t be solely about the 3 Rs and test scores.

  39. School should MOSTLY be about the 3R’s and test scores. If you can’t read and write, not much else matters does it?
    I think parents are responsible for the other stuff. That’s how I was raised.

  40. Yeah, my point is those other classes (social studies, history, etc) are when racism and or any age appropriate and relevant LGBQT issues would be discussed. You see? It IS possible to learn the 3 Rs and still get a rounded education. No one ever has said they’re planning to increase the amount of time on social issues while decreasing the amount of time on the 3 Rs.

  41. This is CRT in a nutshell:
    Racism is part of everyday life, so people—white or nonwhite—who don’t intend to be racist can nevertheless make choices that fuel racism.
    In my view, the crux of the argument isn’t over CRT itself, it is how the teachers choose to teach it.
    Some teachers who perform on the lower right hand side of the bell curve have come up with some pretty dumb lesson plans

  42. You’re right – I’m not under any obligation to answer and you walked into a discussion of different questions than the ones you want to discuss. You don’t seem to understand what Critical Race Theory actually is, have no understanding that is not being taught in schools – nor will you define what “LGBTQ Issues” actually are, or why you believe they are being taught in K-3 now.

  43. Duke You’re right – I’m not under any obligation to answer and you walked into a discussion of different questions than the ones you want to discuss. You don’t seem to understand what Critical Race Theory actually is, have no understanding that is not being taught in schools – nor will you define what “LGBTQ Issues” actually are, or why you believe they are being taught in K-3 now.

  44. Gt – Somehow that last sentence makes more sense than most of yours on this topic!
    Your holding onto a debunked Facebook post your uncle sent you in March of 2021 (or your just making it up). Either way… ok!!!

  45. My focus is about the candidates that this article is about. Ancillary to that, I was reading the flow of comments and it seemed quite circular, like a broken record via two commenters who have made nearly 50% of the total comments. Not wrong, illegal, or the end of the world for such high-volume output….I say go for it. My observation is it appears to be an attempt to drown out other valid positions and opinions.
    Nothing against anyone, but this board is incredible. However, in my opinion (MY opinion), non-stop serial commenting is not good for the heart or soul of this very special local web/news site that allows us to vent a bit. To draw a musical comparison, it’s like a 12-piece jazz band where two members take 50% of the lead solos. So, feel free to take another solo, but just know that there are others just as good in the band.

  46. Edney – your statement has nothing to do with Critical Race Theory. It’s taught in graduate school. This is from edweekly and the link is below. Consider yourself educated. “Critical race theory is an academic concept that is more than 40 years old. The core idea is that race is a social construct, and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies.”

  47. After reading that lifeguards in LA County are getting paid over $500K a year it clarifies my thinking. Tax payor funded jobs have so little oversight because there is no accountability. There is always more tax payor money to shake down. When it comes to the SBCEO I just want more accountability about how the money is being spent. i do not want a person in this role who is cow-towing to certain political groups. I could care less about the person’s political affiliation. I just want some common sense decision making. 1) money should be used to teach K-12 kids reading, writing, math, science, history and some elective stuff like art, music, vocational, etc… 2) make sure you address what really smart kids needs and kids not so smart. 3) make sure special need kids get what they need. 4) make sure kids who lack a stable home get what they need. If you still have money to do other stuff – then do not do it. Put it back into 1. 2, 3, or 4. The SBCEO is set up to be a shared service to support all of the districts – so find out where it makes sense to have 1.,2.,3.,4. done as a service offering provided by the SBCEO. Any/all money spent should be transparent. Any board meetings should be recorded and accessible via something like Zoom. Who is better to make this happen? Salcido or Lozano? With Salcido I see more “$500K lifeguards” with Lozano I see less managerial experience – but more common sense thinking.that will not be polluted by politics.

  48. Your whole premise falls apart from your FOX news bias that a lifeguard sitting in a tower earns $500,000 per year. Of course, fox news sheep love the outrage – and are happy they get to read an article that stimulates them, even though they aren’t educated enough to understand there may be other “stuff” going on that the far right echo hate chamber doesn’t tell you about “”Danny” Douglas, and other high-earning lifeguards listed by, serve on specialized teams that travel to other parts of the state and even the country to assist in emergencies such as wildfire disasters. Last year, Douglas alone served 114 days on a COVID incident management team, and 70 days on fire incident management teams on six separate fires in addition to his service as an ocean lifeguard.
    It’s blind propaganda like that which allowed Hitler to kill millions. “These are all in addition to his normal lifeguard responsibilities,” the spokesperson said of Douglas. “So it’s not like he’s just sitting around at the beach with his toes in the sand collecting overtime. He’s doing some major things on these incident teams, which are really essential in the structure of wildland firefighting. And, as we saw with the COVID response, [in] helping the communities.””

  49. Lozano is an incompetent, bigoted dupe of right wing extremism. She will lose by a huge margin. Good riddance. It’s just sad that someone like her can garner any support at all, which highlights the ignorance and gullibility of a segment of the populace.

  50. Think about it though…. What’s so scary about any curriculum that it needs to be restricted? As long as there’s no discussion of private parts, why does it have to be age appropriate?
    “Challenger Lozano Wants Race, LGBTQ, and Transgender Issues Out of Classrooms”
    Isn’t this just how the Florida law got started? Tell me, why couldn’t they just opt out of it?? Why should we let this happen to California?

  51. Can anyone here help explain why far right wing political ideologies that puts so much focus on preserving liberty and freedom get away with banning words and curriculums they don’t agree with out of schools?

  52. “it clarifies my thinking”
    Low bar … but there’s no sign that it actually happened.
    “that will not be polluted by politics”
    Even though Lozano is entirely motivated by her politics, politicizes every issue, chats on politically ideological Fox News with political ideologue Laura Ingraham, etc.
    Here we see the fundamental problem with right wingers: DISHONESTY.

  53. Can anyone explain to me why the County Deputy Sheriffs Association would donate almost $5000 to a candidate who spews incendiary and divisive racist ideas? As another comment pointed out, “Challenger Lozano Wants Race, LGBTQ, and Transgender Issues Out of Classrooms” Is this what our deputies believe also?

  54. “Wouldn’t it honestly simply be better to just avoid that topic till at least the kids are 10?”
    Children with gay parents are being disallowed from talking about them, you fundamentally bad person.

  55. @ SBLOCAL1967— What a mis-informed comment about the LA County Lifeguard(s). It was ONE (1) Lifeguard who is a top step Lt who has bonus pay for being a Paramedic, Rescue diver and boat operator… He works as much O.T. as humanly possible and has no life other than guarding… LA County Fire Dept and every other Public Safety organization has that ONE individual who makes triple the money of his /her co-workers who maximizes the OT to the hilt… Clue in.

  56. Complaining about CRT is 100% speaking to the racist constituents of the Republican party, most of whom couldn’t explain what CRT is, or even point to a single public school in this country that teaches it (hint, none of them do). Lozano saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could walk to our neighborhood schools?” is suggesting we go back to the days of segregation and also soothing points to her racist backers scared of anyone with slightly dark skin coming in contact with their white kids. Lozano has no actual solutions to anything she complains Salcido is causing in our schools.

  57. Is isn’t just far-right wing political ideologies that want to censor/limit/control what is taught to young kids in public schools. You just don’t hear about it because it’s not currently producing as much outrage/clicks/retweets – i.e. $$$$ for the media. Look up some of the classic literature the left has removed or wanted removed from school curriculums and libraries, then go and look up some of the books the ‘far-right wing’ is looking to keep out. To many opinions are based on headlines and 30 second, heavily edited and opinionated video clips and sound bites. This is an intentionally manufactured issue on both sides because everyone can agree everything isn’t fair game in a elementary school classroom and we should be careful and intentional about what is presented and how it’s presented.

  58. Goleta – that was spring 2020. In summer of 2020 GUSD took over 10 million in federal funds set aside for schools to reopen… then just didn’t reopen. Everyone had internet and chrome books by then… they just took and didn’t open. The effort was beyond poor… to call it impressive is to either not have a clue or to have been one of the admins involved in the debacle.

  59. I think Bob Marley said it best when he sang “Until the philosophy that holds one race superior, and another inferior, is finally, and totally, and permanently abandoned, and discredited, everywhere is war.” What the faithful and left leaning EdHat Commenters fail to see is that what Bob Marley said goes both ways. While there may not be war if one race is put above another, there will certainly be racial tensions. The problem with what we’re calling CRT here, is that it puts people with darker skin above people with lighter skin. The idea of making lighter skinned kids feel guilty for what their ancestors did is just as preposterous as making Japanese kids feel guilty for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yes, we should learn the truth about the horrors that history has shown us, but it should be just that, and not taught in a manner that degrades any race based on race. What we’re seeing in the CRT educational methods is a race based curriculum. It’s not race neutral. I’m not in favor of it. Vote Lozano.

  60. The worst part of it is seeing and hearing these admins and board members who utterly failed… now congratulate and celebrate themselves and each other. By any/all metrics the Covid response by our schools was unmitigated disaster.

  61. VOICE – and let us guess…. you and your “reason” are the voice of the real right wing? LOL. Hey newsflash, we also don’t like what you stand for and support – removing racism, LGBQT discussion from the classroom. Don’t worry, we don’t just rely on a headline to disagree with “the far right wing.” You and CHIP do a great job of explaining it for us and it still is disagreeable and in some cases unconscionable to us “lefties.”

  62. What this election really comes down to is that if you’re in favor of teaching LGBTQ sexuality to kids from Kindergarten to Grade 3, if you’re in favor of teaching CRT to kids in schools, and if you’re not completely unimpressed with Salcido’s long term track record of having half of our public school kids at less than grade level reading capability, and 2/3rds at less than grade level math capability, and you want to vote for the candidate that will promise to continue with that failure, then vote Salcido. If you want to vote for a candidate that has not failed our children during her long and uncontested tenure, and who is not in favor of CRT or teaching LGBTQ to kindergarten through grade 3, then vote Lozano. It’s as simple as that.

  63. PIT – “CRT” isn’t being taught in my kids’ classes. The concept that racism played a huge role in the development of our nation, however, is being taught. I have no problem with the truth being taught. It is not making my kids think they are inferior to other races because they’re white. I’m not too worried.

  64. You keep saying removing racism and LGBTQ discussion from the classroom but that isn’t what anyone is proposing. You’re intentionally rephrasing it into something it isn’t to make it sound extreme so you can feel good about vilifying those with a different view. I mean, do YOU support teaching 1st graders about sexual orientation and gender preferences? Personally I’d prefer my 1st grader to have those discussions with me, if they even came up, preferably a conversation saved for when she’s much more mature.

  65. “but that isn’t what anyone is proposing.” – OK voice, what are you proposing?
    “do YOU support teaching 1st graders about sexual orientation and gender preferences?” – I’m ok with teachers being able to explain at an AGE APPROPRIATE level that some kids have 2 dads who love each other like a mommy and daddy does and that some little boys like to dress like little girls, and that’s ok. You’d be surprised how many questions kids that age have and the teachers shouldn’t be banned (for fear of firing or civil lawsuit or both) from answering them or even having an age appropriate classroom discussion about them.
    Contrary to what you and your “righties” believe, we aren’t demanding that teachers be able to teach 6 year olds how to have safe gay sex or that they should be considering changing their gender. We just want the teachers to be able to have discussions as things arise in the school environment.
    And, as you yourself admitted…… NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING anyway.

  66. More CRT scary stories to make the old Trumpies clutch their pearls. None of them even know what CRT is. If the schools taught actual history, kids would get taught that many slave owners raped their female slaves and then enslaved their own children. Or that redlining, black veterans getting denied benefits, systemic neglect of infrastructure and education in minority areas, and denial of voting rights has major effects on the accumulation of wealth and power over generations. Or that black and Latino people weren’t allowed in certain parts of Carpinteria or certain schools as recently as the middle of the last century. Look, I’m sorry your grandparents and ancestors were racist but that doesn’t mean we need to make textbooks with Jesus riding dinosaurs and make public education even more of a joke that’s it already is compared to the rest of the developed world. Sorry if the facts hurt your feelings, give me negative internet points if it makes your boo-boo go away.

  67. 9:21 – If it’s so “simple,” then please explain how Lozano will raise those scores. I’ve asked this of her supporters here multiple times and never got an answer. Surprise, surprise. So tell us, since it’s so simple, how will she do it?

  68. Funny, I ask multiple Lozano supporters (PIT, CHIP, even VOICE) the same thing, “what specifically are you so concerned they will teach about race/LGBQT,” and NO ONE can/will answer.
    Conclusion: They don’t know.

  69. Pointing out the fallacies and false rhetoric in your comments doesn’t make me a Lozano supporter. I haven’t taken a position on either candidate, though my default vote is usually for the non-incumbent.

  70. Age appropriate topics and coursework is all that is being asked for, yet most of what you’ve written is focused more on what is not being asked for – the ban of any discussion of LGBTQ or racism in the classroom.

  71. VOICE – “Age appropriate topics and coursework is all that is being asked for,” – So you’d be ok with discussion of LGBQT issues and racism at an age appropriate level? Didn’t sound like it when you said you don’t want your 6 year old learning about it.

  72. MM1970 – ehhhh they don’t do well with facts. It’s more fun to “own the libs” by freaking out over things that aren’t even being taught and by claiming the “scores” are “proof” that Salcido didn’t do well.
    I’ve asked the same questions over and over and over and over and NO ONE can answer the simple question. They here complaining because their media told them to. Nothing more.

  73. As long as it’s the parents that determine what LGBTQ issues are age appropriate, and racism curriculum is focused on it’s actual history and the importance of being a good person today, of course!

  74. 1) It’s not age appropriate 2) Clearly we have a problem with basic reading and math skills in our district, and I think that takes priority over the CRT/ LGBTQ agenda. I’d rather see my kids classroom time allocated to those skills than be spent on the big social experiment known as CRT/ LGBTQ 3) CRT is using racism to fight racism. You can’t fight racism with racism

  75. PIT:
    1) It’s not age appropriate —– What is not age appropriate?
    2) Clearly we have a problem with basic reading and math skills in our district, and I think that takes priority over the CRT/ LGBTQ agenda. I’d rather see my kids classroom time allocated to those skills than be spent on the big social experiment known as CRT/ LGBTQ —– That’s not happening or even being proposed. Who has said “we are going to spend more time on racism and LGBTQ issues than on math and reading?” Please show us where that time allocation has been proposed.
    3) CRT is using racism to fight racism. —– No it’s not. How is teaching about racial advantages and history, teaching “racism?”

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